Leopard cub of an Endangered Species Amur born in a UK Zoo

Leopard cub of an Endangered Species Amur born in a UK Zoo

The Marwell Zoo near Winchester in UK celebrated the birth of one of the rarest animals on the Earth.

The staff members of Marwell Wildlife said that two of its Amur leopards of an endangered species have shown some particularly amorous signs recently giving a hope that they might be pregnant.

Six-year-old Kaia, the mum and Akin, the dad who is 13, were paired as part of breeding Programme of the European Endangered species in an attempt to conserve the big cats. The sex of the cub is not known as of now and the four-week-old is finding its feet.

John Pullen who is Marwell Wildlife's curator of mammals said that the birth of an Amur leopard cub is great news and everyone is extremely pleased by this arrival.

The veterinary doctors as well as Marwell's keepers are constantly monitoring the cub and Kaia ans say that both of them appear to be in good condition.

The last Amur leopard cub born at Marwell was in 2007. In 2009, it was moved to Dortmund Zoo and she began a family of her own there.

Health checks are needed to be carried out and once they are done, the cub's sex shall be announced. The cub may also be put on public view at the main enclosure somewhere around the last week of august.

With only 30 of this species estimated to be left in the world, the birth of this little cub in captivity brings good hope for the survival of its species.

This breed is native to Russia and China and has depleted due to factors like deforestation, poaching and the local populations capturing their land and building roads and other properties there.

"We are all looking forward to watching this youngster grow, develop and explore its new home at Marwell."

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