FBI Issues Social Media Warning

FBI Issues Social Media Warning

Based on instructions of the FBI experts, Feds have urged service members to purge all their personal information from social pages in the midst of terror threat. The bureau largely believes that this action will help in the prevention of the future attacks from the ISIS terrorist group.

Following these instructions all the military members are currently reviewing their social media account. They all are removing any sort of information that may provide the terrorists with details of their whereabouts. This move is being done with an aim to avoid all sort of attention from the ISIS and its sympathizers.

Though till now, there have been no instructions that suggest that the military members must deactivate their social media accounts, still they all have been told to be extra cautious every time they post something online.

Both the FBI as well as Department of Homeland Security (DHS) have stated that following a routinely exercise operational, security must be observed as military members interact online.

The bulletin that was so released by the FBI and the DHS, states that the terrorist group, ISIS, is looking for sympathizers in the country who are willing and capable of attacking former and current US military members. Following this bulletin, many US Special Forces members have deactivated their social media accounts such as Facebook.

Lt. Col. Lyle Shidla, Unit Commander, said that this move is necessary considering the fact that these accounts give all the information related to the security personals about. This information includes things that they do and also give out their location to the enemy.

Brad Garrett, former FBI Agent and ABC News Consultant, said, "It's sort of like be on the lookout for, or change your behavior because we believe it could potentially put you in harm's way. We understand you're young, you communicate through social media but we're telling you that's how ISIS finds people that they potentially target".

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