iOS users spend more money on Black Friday compared to Android users

iOS users spend more money on Black Friday compared to Android users

IBM Digital Analytics Benchmark report has found that users with devices running on Apple iOS have spent more compared to those using handheld devices running on Android. The data suggests that 20 percent of sales on Thanksgiving Day were from devices using iOS compared to 5.6 percent for Android-based device users.

IBM data also reported 25 percent of sales on Black Friday generated by users of iOS compared to 6.9 percent among Android-based mobile users. IBM tracks 800 online retail websites and 8,000 brands. The current report has analyzed 35,000 engagements.

The average spending of Apple users was higher at $118.5 compared to $95.2 for Android users on Thanksgiving Day. During Black Friday, Apple users spent $127.3 on an average compared to $101.8 for Android users.

Users on Apple’s operating system also marked nearly 35.7 percent of online traffic for the websites. Android users accounted for only 15.9 percent of traffic. The data suggests that Apple users are spending higher and are using their devices for online access to a great extent compared to users of Android based mobile handsets.

While commenting on the report, Jay Henderson, director of IBM Smarter Conference, said, “Apple has a strong hold on online shopping. iPhone and iPad buyers tend to be slightly more affluent and more comfortable with technology.”

iOS accounted for 21.9 percent of online sales compared to 5.8 percent of online sales attributed to Android OS users.

In terms of market share, Android is way ahead of Apple on global scale with 82 percent market share. In the US market, Apple accounts for 42 percent share compared to 52 percent for Android.

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