Five arrested over Charges of illegally transporting Guns to NYC from Florida

Five arrested over Charges of illegally transporting Guns to NYC from Florida

Police officials have arrested five of eight suspects in a gun trafficking case, said officers of the New York Police Department. The arrested suspects allegedly brought weapons from Florida to New York City on commercial buses. The New York State Attorney General's office and the New York City Police Department have launched an investigation into the matter and seized more than 70 illegal guns.

Alleged ring leaders Natasha Harris and Quincy Adams are among the ones arrested in the guns trafficking case. New York authorities have revealed that court has indicted eight people as members of a gun smuggling ring. Eric Schneiderman, Attorney General for the state, said the types of guns obtained from the alleged perpetrators comprised semi-automatics, Colt revolvers etc. Many of those guns were offered for sale at prices that were four times higher than their original prices.

Schneiderman added that an undercover investigator purchased about 35 guns in a six months period in 11 face-to-face transactions that were conducted in Brooklyn. Authorities have found that serial numbers of about eighteen of the seized guns were filed off, a factor that would have made it nearly impossible to trace them had anyone used them to commit crimes.

It is believed that 33-year-old Natasha Harris is the leader of the group and she came along her grandmother and children from New York to Florida to buy those guns at gun shows. Court documented that 33-year-old Adams provided the money for purchase of these guns.

After the guns were purchased, she loaded them on 'Chinatown buses' as an unmarked luggage and sent them to New York.

"What you see here are illegal guns that will never be used to rob or murder innocent New Yorkers. This operation highlights the very real danger we face in New York from the importation of out-of-state guns", said Schneiderman.

This operation has certainly saved lives by not allowing these deadly weapons to get in hands of someone with ill intention.

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