Survey: Verizon is top US carrier in network reliability, speed, and data and call performance

Survey: Verizon is top US carrier in network reliability, speed, and data and call performance

According to the findings of a RootMetrics survey, Verizon is the best US wireless carrier in terms of network reliability, speed, and data and call performance.

The RootMetrics survey of four bigwig US wireless carriers - Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, and T-Mobile - showed that Verizon and AT&T are the country's two top-ranking wireless carriers; with Verizon marginally ahead of AT&T.

Going by the survey, which was carried out by RootMetrics earlier this year, Verizon is the first-ranking wireless carrier in the US, with a score of 81.6; while AT&T is a close second-place holder, with a score of 79.5. The scores of Sprint and T-Mobile were 71.5 and 69.6 respectively.

However, so far as 'churn rate' - the number of subscribers who leave a carrier in a given quarter - is concerned, AT&T evidently beat Verizon by a small fraction. While AT&T's churn rate was found to be 0.99 percent; Verizon's churn rate was 1 percent. T-Mobile has a 1.6 percent churn rate; while Sprint ranks last with 2.18 percent.

Meanwhile, with some other recent surveys having indicated that customers in the US prefer Verizon to the other wireless carriers, Morningstar analyst Micheal Hodel has pointed out that "Verizon Wireless' continued strong customer loyalty indicates that a large percentage of customers choose the firm for attributes it controls directly, including its network reputation."

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