Governor Mike Beebe Pardons his Son for Marijuana Conviction

Governor Mike Beebe Pardons his Son for Marijuana Conviction

Arkansas Governor Mike Beebe on Wednesday told a local television that he will pardon his son, Kyle, and will give him a second chance after a 2003 marijuana felony conviction.

Mike Beebe told KATV that he would have taken this decision long time back if he would have asked. But he said that his son, he himself and his wife feel embarrassed about what his son did.

Kyle Beebe, 34, was arrested over ten years ago when deputies found more than an ounce of marijuana in his house. Kyle was charged with possession of a controlled substance, and had intent to deliver it.

Kyle applied to be pardoned and was recommended by The Arkansas Parole Board on October 20.

Kyle Beebe in his pardon application wrote, "I am asking for second chance to be better son to my parents and prove to them that I am the person they raised me to be".

He also wrote that at that time he felt that he was missing something in his life and therefore started to sell drugs to fill his emptiness.

Governor Beebe in a statement said that Kyle has improved a lot since he was charged. He further said Kyle now works for a pipeline company and is married and has two kids as well.

It was found that when Kyle Beebe was arrested and sentenced to three years of supervised probations and paying a fine, Gov. Beebe, who was the state's attorney at that time, said that his son should not be given any special treatment.

Gov. Beebe said that if his son has broken the law and he needs to pay for it. Therefore, he should get the same treatment that everybody else gets in this case.

Beebe was first elected governor in 2006 and will leave office at the end of this year due to term limits. He will be succeeded by Asa Hutchinson (R), a former congressman and Drug Enforcement Administration administrator.

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