Sinkholes noticed in a mobile home park in Florida

Sinkholes noticed in a mobile home park in Florida

The formation of additional sinkholes in Pasco Mobile Home Park in Holiday, Florida, has caused the residents to take temporary residence at a local hotel.

Pasco Country was struck by a pair of sinkholes, threatening homes, automobiles and pedestrians. The first sinkhole formed on November 10, swallowing a Hyundai, which fell 10 feet to the bottom of the hole.

The second such event took place on November 11, just 25 feet from the first pit, growing to 10 feet wide. Safety officials believe a third sinkhole could soon form in the park. Six families from seven mobile homes were evacuated to the local Fairfield Inn until the danger has passed.

Florida has more sinkholes than any other state in the nation. Almost every year, hundreds of new holes open up and residents keep on worrying when and where another one may hit. While some are small enough to almost be of no consequence, many more are big enough to swallow a car, and sometimes a house.

The formation of sinkholes in Florida is formed through the slow erosion of limestone that exists under much of the state.

According to Florida Department of Environmental Protection, the 'porus limestones' in Florida are porous, which allow the acidic water to percolate through their strata, dissolving some limestone and carrying it away in solution.

This persistent erosion has created extensive underground voids and drainage systems in much of the carbonate rocks throughout the state and the collapse of overlying sediments into the underground cavities caused the production of sinkholes.

However, geologists believe that these particular features may have been the result of water pumping carried out for a new sewer system being constructed next door to the mobile home park.

Pasco County Utilities has agreed to halt work in the area, until the cause of the sinkholes has been determined.

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