Rare Kiwi Chick released to Wairakei Golf and Sanctuary Kiwi Creche in Taupo

Rare Kiwi Chick released to Wairakei Golf and Sanctuary Kiwi Creche in Taupo

A little kiwi chick, called Kindara, has been released to Wairakei Golf and Sanctuary Kiwi Creche in Taupo. It was hatched at Rainbow Springs' Kiwi Encounter. The kiwi has an unusual ginger tinge to its feathers.

The kiwi chick is supported by Tauhara College in Taupo. It was named after the school and sister school of Tauhara College in Japan.

Kindara will be kept at Wairakei until it weighs 1kg and then, will be shifted to the Karioi Rahui Reserve on the southern slopes of Mt Ruapehu.

Kiwi Encounter kiwi husbandry manager Claire Travers said that the chick is cute and admitted that she never saw a kiwi with such ginger coloring.

A predator-proof fence has been constructed by Kiwi Creche Sanctuary owner Gary Lane. He has built the fence around his land to protect the kiwis and to provide them a natural environment to grow. Stoats and dogs are the main predators of these kiwi chicks and only 5% of them survive in the wild.

DOC staff collects eggs and are then taken to Rainbow Springs' Kiwi Encounter for hatching.

The chick is released at the Wairakei Kiwi Creche after it weighed 400 grams. It would be released into the wild once it reaches 1 kilogram.

Kiwis were already rare and the chick Kindara is even rarer with an unusual ginger tinge to its feathers.

Kindara was born at Rainbow Springs' Kiwi Encounter in Rotorua and today its sibling has also been hatched. But the ginger tinge to its feathers is less than Kindara. The name of the new chick is kracker as its egg cracked while arriving for incubation.

There is 20 days gap in period of the births of the sibling eggs.

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