Canadian Mars mission launches crowdfunding campaign

Canadian Mars mission launches crowdfunding campaign

Thoth Technology, a Canadian company based in Pembroke, Ontario, aims to launch a micro-rover and mini-lander to Mars sometime in 2018. The company launched a campaign on Indiegogo (an international crowdfunding site) today to crowdfund for the project.

This campaign was launched considering the $1.1 million expense that will be incurred in the hardware that is needed to fly the Northern Light lander and Beaver rover in space and land them safely on Mars. The Thoth Technology is in partnership with Toronto's York University for the development of this project. The Toronto's York University houses a lot of the space testing facilities and will analyze all the data from the mission.

If the mission proves to be a success then it will be the first Canadian mission to the surface of Mars.

Ben Quine, principal investigator for the mission, is the technical director and chair of the board at Thoth Technology. He is a professor of space engineering at York University. Speaking in this context, he said, "I think it's important to do big things. Mars is the only other habitable planet in the solar system, and if we want to survive, we need to be a multi-planet species".

He added that if the human are serious about living on Mars then they need to explore it much more thoroughly. This can be done with the help of hundreds of landers that will prepare the surface of Mars before sending people so as have a prior idea about what is up there, like where the things like minerals are and what is the best place to live.

Quine reported that he has already spent 12 years working on the project. The team has spent in all around half a million dollars in developing and testing prototypes of the lander and micro-rovers.

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