Apple Computer sold from Jobs' Parent’s Garage to hit Auction Block in December

Apple Computer sold from Jobs' Parent’s Garage to hit Auction Block in December

In 1976, Steve Jobs sold a fully operational Apple computer out of his parents' garage for $600. The same computer will be auctioned in December. It is expected that the machine will be sold for more than half a million dollars.

There are chances that it might be sold even for a million dollars. The computer is called as Ricketts Apple-1 Personal Computer and has been named after its original owner Charles Ricketts. The auction will be held on December 11.

The computer is the only surviving Apple-1, which is sold by Jobs and at that time, he was just 21, to a person from the Los Altos. Andrew McVinish, Christie's director of decorative arts, said that not many people are aware that start of Apple gadgets including iPad or iPhone was from the Apple-1. Therefore, it cannot be denied that a machine that started the digital revolution is a significant attraction.

Robert Luther, a Virginia collector, who bought the computer in 2004, is selling the same. He bought it at a police auction of storage locker goods, but at that time he was not aware of its complete history. "I knew it had been sold from the garage of Steve Jobs in July of 1976, because I had the buyer's canceled check", affirmed Luther.

Christie's said that the computer will be sold with the canceled check from the original garage purchase on July 27, 1976. The check was made out to Charles Ricketts by Apple Computer for $600. Later, the check was labeled as 'Purchased July 1976 from Steve Jobs in his parents' garage in Los Altos'.

One more check was labeled as 'Software NA Programmed by Steve Jobs August 1976'. The checks were used as a proof for the city of Los Altos. It is considered that less than 50 original Apple-1s are in existence.

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