Dedication Ceremony at Space View Park in Titusville

Dedication Ceremony at Space View Park in Titusville

Saturday saw the celebration of a dedication ceremony at the Space View Park in Titusville, Florida. The event saw the unveiling of a 15-foot-tall shuttle monument in the honor of not only the astronauts but also the tireless work of ground crew members who have a huge role to play in the success of all space missions.

The monument consisted of around 8 granite panels. Each of these panels depicted an image in memory of a significant moment that occurred in the history of Space Shuttle. On top of the granite rested an 8-ton stainless steel shuttle emblem of the Space Shuttle.

Several NASA workers, both active and retired, unanimously attended the dedication of this new monument that has been constructed with an aim to remind the future generations about tens of thousands of workers who work very hard throughout their careers for the success of the famed astronauts who take off into space.

Fred Gregory, an astronaut who logged three shuttle missions, gave an interview to CNSNews. He said, “Everybody gives us the credit. And for every launch we had, I think there were probably 40,000 people around the world who were going to make that the safest, most successful mission ever”.

Andy Allen, Gregory’s fellow astronaut too was happy to see that the monument also honored the tireless work of all the ground crew members. He stated that being strapped into a rocket isn’t exactly the hardest part.

The US Space Walk of Fame Foundation was created in 1988. The aim behind it was to preserve the history of the US Space Program through its Mercury, Gemini, Apollo, and future Shuttle monument. Things related to these missions are displayed in Space View Park and the US Space Walk of Fame museum.

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