Ancient underground village, estimated to be 1,300 to 1,800 years old, discovered in Arizona

Ancient underground village, estimated to be 1,300 to 1,800 years old, discovered in Arizona

A team of 10 archaeologists combed the Arizona's Petrified Forest National Park with an aim to search for signs of ancient life. They found sandstone slabs sticking up out of the sand dunes, this proved to be the evidence of the fact that the prehistoric forests present here at one point of time were the home to an ancient civilization.

The team came across ceramic shards and portions of stone tools, these pointed towards the fact that there is something significant there below the surface. Amy Schott, a seasonal archaeologist with the park, said that though working in the sun for full day is hard still it is very much exciting because of the unique discoveries the team has come across.

Making use of GPS coordinates of each small find along with the assembled notes, the archaeologists formulated the bigger picture, that revealed the fact that the team has discovered the remnants of a village estimated to be 1,300 to 1,800 years old. This village measures 66 acres which is much larger than the 14-acre village found last year.

Having identified this part, this discovery will not only lead to a continued investigation at the park, but will also provide a new insight into the lives and experiences of Arizona's earliest human residents.

Brad Traver, park superintendent, said, "There's evidence of people having been there because they're found in sand dunes where there are no sandstone slabs, so they must have been moved there. It's the time when civilization in our area is starting to gather in villages - not individual hunters and gatherers anymore".

He added that this is the proof of the transition between the nomadic existence of a hunter-gatherer and starting to settle down into villages. Though it still remains unclear as to who dwelled in the villages, these sites largely predate the arrival of the Navajo people to the region.

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