Scientists discover Black Hole that Consumes Gas Faster than earlier estimates

Scientists discover Black Hole that Consumes Gas Faster than earlier estimates

Recently, scientists have discovered an uncommon black hole with a greedy appetite that is consuming gas from a nearby star at a speed 10 times faster than previously thought possible.

The new-found black hole named as P13 and lies on the outskirts of the galaxy NGC7793. Black holes are in fact remains of previous stars and they are so dense that nothing can flee from their dominant gravitational energy.

According to researchers, the black hole is consuming gases equivalent of 100 billion hot dogs every minute. This discovery was published in the journal Nature.

According to International Centre for Radio Astronomy Research astronomer Dr. Roberto Soria, who is based at ICRAR's Curtin University said that as gas falls towards a black hole it gets very hot and bright.

Scientists first observed P13 because it was a lot more shining than other black holes, but it was firstly considered that it was just bigger.

"It was generally believed the maximum speed at which a black hole could swallow gas and produce light was tightly determined by its size", said Dr. Soria.

Dr. Soria also said it made sense to believe that P13 was bigger than the ordinary, less bright black holes that they see in our own galaxy, the Milky Way.

After measuring the mass of P13, Dr. Soria and his colleagues from the University of Strasbourg found that it was in fact on the small side, despite being at least a million times brighter than the Sun. It was then researchers came to know that how much material it was consuming.

Dr. Soria said there is not actually a strict limit like that they considered black holes can actually consume more gas and produce more light.

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