Attorney General Greg Abbott Says He does not Want to Vetoa Repeal

Attorney General Greg Abbott Says He does not Want to Vetoa Repeal

Republican Attorney General Greg Abbot said that he is in favor of repealing a law that makes it possible for immigrants to get in-state tuition after entering the country illegally. He does not want to veto a repeal of the law as he long believed the law was erroneous.

The law was brought into effect after being signed by Perry in 2001 and is supported by big GOP figures like Gov. Rick Perry and George P. Bush. During a debate on Thursday night against Democrat Wendy Davis, Abbott has given a clarion message that he would go with law makers if they try to annul the law as early as next year.

Davis said that she would not let the bills passed by a GOP-controlled Legislature to wipe the law off the books. She asserted that will be beneficial for their economy if it makes sure that every person who is a resident of Texas has an opportunity to be a part of the Texas economy.

After the federal officials confirmed that a first case of Ebola has been diagnosed in the US, Abbott and Davis pledged to keep Texas safe. There are possibilities that some more people might be affected with the disease.

Mr. Abbott said that he has spoken with the head of the state's Health and Human Services Commission and has noted that the ambulance in which the infected patient was transported had been restrained.

Davis accused Abbott of concealing the lax oversight of the fund that helped contributors to his campaign.

Mr. Abbott in response accused Davis of profiting from a company that received money from the fund while she was serving on the Forth Worth City Council.

Davis said, "Mr. Abbott, this is about your failure, your failure as the chief law enforcement officer of this state to review and make sure that these funds weren't being used as slush funds for your donors".

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