Planck Team studies BICEP2 Gravitational Waves

Planck Team studies BICEP2 Gravitational Waves

Researchers had started working with BICEP2, a special microwave telescope based at the South Pole, in March. After about six months, they claimed that have noticed early universe gravitational waves, created just after the Big Bang. Now, some other researchers have raised doubts about the earlier research and have started discussing the implications of the waves' detection.

Since the announcement, cosmologists have started questioning about the claims of BICEP2 team. The growing evidence indicates that BICEP2 might have involved signals measured from dust in Earth's Milky Way galaxy.

The team of researchers has announced to find evidence of primordial gravitational waves, existence of which shows that universe would have expanded faster than the speed of light in the first few instants, just after the Big Bang. Some other researchers claimed that the gravitational-wave signal could be contaminated or the outcome of dust within Earth's galaxy.

According to the researchers, primordial gravitational waves had a polarization pattern called as 'B modes' in the cosmic microwave background (CMB). CMB is light a leftover of the Big Bang, which had created the universe about 13.8 billion years ago. To make the discovery acceptable to others, it is essential that other instruments like European Space Agency's Planck satellite pick it up.

Planck satellite had mapped out CMB from 2009 to 2013. The Planck scientists have followed and analyzed the data and results of BICEP2 telescope.

Carlo Baccigalupi of the International School for Advanced Studies in Trieste said, "Unfortunately, according to our analysis, the effect of contaminants and in particular of gases present in our galaxy cannot be ruled out".

Baccigalupi also said the new study does not deny the possibility that BICEP2 would have provided the signature of primordial gravitational waves. Planck scientists and discovery team are working together to discover the real reason.

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