President Obama’s ‘Latte’ Salute Invites Criticism

President Obama’s ‘Latte’ Salute Invites Criticism

President Barack Obama's so-called "latte' salute on Twitter has made it to international news and the social media. The President is receiving criticism after saluting marine officials holding a Starbucks coffee cup in his hand just after landing in New York.

The President landed on Tuesday to speak about climate change at UN General Assembly. Video and pictures display the President stepping off and returning a formal military salute to Marine officials with the hand carrying his coffee cup.

The video went viral on social media and gained attention on Twitter with the hashtag #LatteSalute. Many criticized Obama stating that it was disrespectful to the Marines.

Some samples of tweets include comments like:

"If you can't salute me like a man then take your Starbucks and walk on by. I don't need your patronizing BS salute."

"Wow: Obama can't put down his Starbucks coffee long enough to actually salute armed forces. This is nuts."

However, the criticism has also resulted in a debate on whether Presidents should salute military officials not or not. President Ronald Reagan was the first to actually start returning the statue to military officials in 1981.

Gunnery Sgt. William Janssen of Sioux Falls says that although Presidents are not required to offer salutes because they are civilians, this is not a correct way to salute Marines.

He added, "As far as rank goes, who greatest to salute, the Commander in Chief would be at the top of that list. The salute is a sign of respect. When a salute is not done properly, you know, you notice".

Janssen also mentioned that normally Marines don't salute indoors unless there is a special ceremony taking place. They always salute outside if they are under cover.

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