Pregnant Women who are informed about prenatal testing more likely to skip them

Pregnant Women who are informed about prenatal testing more likely to skip them

A new study on pregnant women has revealed that the women who are shown interactive computer program to educate them about prenatal testing are more likely to skip non-invasive blood tests and ultrasounds.

There are certain tests that can be taken up during pregnancy like a simple blood test to measure the risks of fetal abnormalities. Besides, there is certain invasive testing such as amniocentesis that involves the usage of a needle to draw DNA-containing fluid from a woman's womb and this test carries a small risk of miscarriage.

This current study was conducted on 710 pregnant women. It was found that all the women who attended these computer programs, where they were educated about all these tests and the risk involved, were less likely to take up these tests as compared to the women who didn't attend any such program.

The study found that nearly 6% of the women who used the decision-making tool opted to have invasive testing compared with 12% of those in the control group. Around 26% of the expecting women who attended the program decided to skip prenatal testing altogether compared to 20% of those who didn't.

Miriam Kuppermann, a professor of obstetrics, gynecology & reproductive sciences at the University of California, San Francisco, was the leader of this study. She said, "Women are supposed to be offered screening and informed about its implications, but there are definitely some who are having this testing without realizing what it is they signed up for".

Without attending these interactive programs, many women may not understand that even a simple blood test can have drawbacks, causing anxiety if there's a worrisome result. This in turn would lead to more invasive and riskier testing to gain more definitive information.

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