Researchers discover New Dinosaur Species having Mysterious Giant Nose

Researchers discover New Dinosaur Species having Mysterious Giant Nose

After years of hard work, researchers have discovered a new species of dinosaur. The research team has named the dinosaur as Rhinorex, which has a mysterious giant nose.

Two students from University of California discovered the species when they were mapping part of Utah's Book Cliffs. According to researchers, Rhinorex had been a plant eater animal of gentle nature. The dinosaur was first unearthed in 1992 when its skull had been dug out of sandstone. Researchers had found specimen's skull, skin impressions and parts of skeleton.

The entire skeleton of the dinosaur has been unearthed in two years. After studying the skeleton, North Carolina's researchers have observed that Rhinorex had properties that Cretaceous dinosaurs had, and had been similar to two other species Edmontosaurus and Parasaulophus. According to researchers, Rhinorex belonged to ornithischian family that had existed about 75 million years ago.

Researchers have also studies dinosaur's distinctive nasal features. According to a researcher Terry Gates, Rhinorex had a huge nose that the dinosaur would have used to attract mates.

Researchers said the dinosaur had a height of about 30 feet and it weighed about 8,500 pounds. They also said that Rhinorex used to live in a swampy coastal environment.

Cretaceous were the dinosaurs that had bony crests sticking to their skulls, but Rhinorex didn't have any bony crest.

The fossils of Rhinorex have been the only complete fossil dug out from Neslen site, which could help researchers discover several things about the species.

According to Gates, researchers have entire skull of Rhinorex, which is wonderful, but it wasn't an easy task. Gates said, "It took two years to dig the fossil out of the sandstone it was embedded in - it was like digging a dinosaur skull out of a concrete driveway".

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