Post Traumatic Stress Disorder causes Food Addiction

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder causes Food Addiction

A new study has suggested that women with the symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) are about thrice as likely as those without PTSD to become addicted to food.

The study has not shown a direct connection between the disorder and women becoming addictive to food.

The researchers of the University of Minnesota said that the recent study has added new facts in the existing evidences linking PTSD to obesity.

According to lead author, Susan Mason, the recent finding could be helpful in many ways. She said, "If clinicians providing mental health care are aware that PTSD is sometimes accompanied by problematic eating behaviors, then they may be able to offer better and more tailored care to their patients".

Post-traumatic stress disorder or PTSD develops in people after they face shocking events like violence, natural disaster and warfare. People with symptoms of the disorder could become vigilant.

Mason said a past study has connected the disorder to higher rates of obesity and being underweight. According to Mason, it had been difficult for researchers to understand exactly what was going on, because they were not able to use gold standard of research, a clinical trial, to study possible link between PTSD and higher rates of obesity. It would be impossible to choose some people to develop post-traumatic stress disorder and compare them with healthy people.

Researchers of the new study have tried to establish a link between the disorder and addiction to food.

Food addiction is a psychological dependence on food, where people addictive to food have some other kinds of addiction too.

After studying the results of Nurses' Health Study II surveys of about 49,400 United States' nurses, researchers have found that about 6% of one-third of women who had no symptoms of the disorder had shown symptoms of food addiction. On the other hand, 10% who had 6 to 7-symptoms of PTSD, were addictive to food.

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