Earth’s Population Expected to Reach 12 Billion by 2100, say Experts

Earth’s Population Expected to Reach 12 Billion by 2100, say Experts

In a recent prediction, experts have said the global human population could reach 12 billion by 2100. The rapidly rising human population will worsen the food and health problems in future, said experts. Scientists have warned that climate change, shortage of food, spread of highly infectious diseases and poverty will be some major issues that humans will have to face.

Some previous estimates by experts suggested that after speedily rising to around 9 billion by the end of this century, the global population would decline.

Prof. Adrian Raftery, of the University of Washington, asserted that through their study on the rising population on earth, they found that there are almost 70% chances that the population on earth will keep on increasing and show no signs of stabilization in this century.

He added that the world's agenda of population control has been somewhere left behind, but it is a crucial issue and should not be neglected.

For the study, the team of researchers used advanced statistical techniques in order to analyze the data given by the United Nations and further made future estimations of demographic trends that affect fertility, life expectancy and migration.

The findings of the study showed that there are 80% chances that the global population will increase to in between of 9.6 billion and 12.3 billion by 2100.

As per the study, the highest population increase will be seen in Africa where scientists have estimated that the population will rise by four times and reach around 4 billion by the end of this century. The current estimated population of Africa is 1 billion.

Researchers said that decrease in death rate from various fatal diseases like HIV/AIDS will be another contributing factor that will increase the population in Africa.

Other parts of the world will have observed a moderate rise in the population as compared to Africa. The study showed that the present population in Asia is 4.4 billion, which is estimated to rise up to 5 billion by 2050.

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