Kobach Refuses To Remove Taylor from November Ballot

Kobach Refuses To Remove Taylor from November Ballot

The Kansas Supreme Court on Tuesday heard arguments to decide whether Chad Taylor's name will remain on the November ballot for getting a place in the US Senate.

Secretary of State Kris Kobach on Tuesday said a new candidate should be selected by Democratic leaders if Chad Taylor is removed from the ballot. Taylor, on the other hand, stopped campaigning earlier this month and also sent a letter to Kobach's office declaring his withdrawal. Kobach denied his withdrawal from the November ballot.

Many Kansas Supreme Court justices present during the hearing on Tuesday doubted the argument presented by Kobach.

Kobach in his argument stated that the letter sent by Taylor was not sufficient enough to remove his name off the ballot under a state law.

Pedro Irigonegaray, the attorney for Taylor, said that the decision will not be made on what the secretary wishes. He said it is all about the clear words in the statutes. Kobach said Taylor did not say anything in his letter, he just described his circumstances in a few words.

KSN political analyst Jeff Jarman said, "The interesting thing about her letter is she doesn't cite that she'd be unable to serve. It says she'd be unable to campaign, which is not a reason you're allowed to be removed from the ballot".

Kobach asserted that if Democratic Party will not choose a candidate in case of Taylor's removal, he will file a petition in the Supreme Court to "force the issue". He ordered the counties to print ballots by Friday because state and federal laws want them to start mailing ballots to military personnel overseas on Saturday.

State Democratic Party Chairman Joan Wagnon said she will not be able to name a new candidate within the days the ballot is being printed.

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