Proposed Texas Textbooks contain inaccuracies about climate change, says NCSE report

Proposed Texas Textbooks contain inaccuracies about climate change, says NCSE report

On Monday, a report released by the National Center for Science Education (NCSE) states that the new social studies textbooks in Texas are presenting a false picture of scientific views on issues like global warming. The report argues that the books contain a number of inaccuracies about climate change and climate science. NCSE provides the bulk of information and resources for schools, parents and others concerned about science education.

In this context, the Texas State Board of Education will vote in November whether to approve the proposed social studies book or not. These textbooks come from major educational publishers like McGraw-Hill Education and Pearson Education as well as smaller publishers like Studies Weekly.

This entire problem arose as two of the books have passages stating that scientists disagree about the causes of climate change. The Monday report largely points out that this is not so and such a statement misrepresents current scientific thinking.

Another textbook from Studies Weekly states that global warming will cause Earth's temperature to rise for only a few years before temperatures will start to cool and eventually "even out". On this, the NCSE report says, ""We are not aware of any currently publishing climatologists who are predicting a cooling trend where 'things will even out".

Besides the Texas Freedom Network Education Fund, a non-partisan watchdog group that promotes religious freedom and individual liberties released a report last week. In this report, they have stated that some of these same textbooks also contain conservative political and pro-Christian biases matter.

In response to all this, a spokesman for Pearson Education told Huffington Post that the company works diligently to ensure its instructional materials are compliant with Texas standards, so for sure they will review the TFN report and will also listen to all interested stakeholders at the public hearing process.

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