Researchers Unveil New Skeleton of Spinosaurus

Researchers Unveil New Skeleton of Spinosaurus

In April 2008, someone brought a box of sediment-encrusted pieces to a paleontologist, Nizar Ibrahim, who was in Moroccan oasis town at the edge of the Sahara. There was a blade-shaped bone inside the box. Ibrahim took the bone to a University in Casablanca for further study.

After a year, the paleontologist was shown bones of Spinosaurus aegyptiacus, a genus of theropod dinosaur which lived in what is now North Africa, by his colleagues at the Milan Natural History Museum in Italy.

While observing the spines, part of a giant distinctive sail on Spinosaurus's back, he noticed a known red line in the cross section of a bone that could be passageway for blood vessels. According to Ibrahim, he had seen the same Skelton at Moroccan oasis town.

After studying the skeletons, Ibrahim has unveiled a new skeleton of Spinosaurus on Thursday. Spinosaurus are the largest of all known carnivorous dinosaurs, which can grow to a length of 50 feet. The Spinosaurus were the only creatures of their size and category that knew swimming and had spent a long time living in water.

Dr. Ibrahim said, "It's probably the most bizarre dinosaur out there".

The giant Spinosaurus had been an interesting mystery for several years. The genus was discovered in Egypt in 1912, whose fossils had been moved to a German museum. The remains of Spinosaurus were destroyed during World War II.

The Spinosaurus' new skeleton is about 36 feet long and is not fully grown. The skeleton demonstrates that Spinosaurus had large and strong forelimbs, while its hind legs were short.

According to Dr. Ibrahim and his team, the dinosaur was well suited for swimming and would have been dependent on giant fish for its food. The flat feet may have helped Spinosaurus to paddle like duck.

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