Species of Pterosaur named after Dragon-Like Creatures from Avatar Movie

Species of Pterosaur named after Dragon-Like Creatures from Avatar Movie

A recently found species of pterosaur has been named after the dragon-like creatures from director James Cameron's blockbuster 2009 movie Avatar. The movie involved attractive flying creatures that were managed by blue human-like beings experiencing ecological devastation on a moon called Pandora.

On Thursday, scientists declared that the discovery of fossils in China of a new species of flying reptile called pterosaur look like the creatures from the 2009 film Avatar. They survived 120 million years ago. Animals like those "Avatar" creatures, known as Ikran, really did live here on Earth long ago.

It is identified as Ikrandraci avatar, meaning "Ikran dragon" from "Avatar" and this pterosaur is significant for more than just its similarity to a movie creature.

The scientists came to know that Ikrandraci avatar had a throat pouch like that of a pelican. It may feed on small fish from freshwater lakes, flying low over the water, and it may also store the fish in the pouch, according to a scientist.

"The head structure is similar in this pterosaur to the Ikran in 'Avatar", said one of the researchers, paleontologist Xiaolin Wang of the Institute of Vertebrate Paleontology and Paleoanthropology, Chinese Academy of Sciences in Beijing.

Pterosaurs were Earth's first flying vertebrates, with birds and bats making their appearance afterwards.

It did not have a crest on the top of its elongated head as many pterosaurs did. At the back of the lower jaw crest was a hook-like structure that appear to have been the anchor point for the throat pouch. It had small teeth good for snaring small fish and survived in a warm region teeming with life, with feathered dinosaurs, birds, mammals, frogs, turtles and other animals.

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