President Obama Visits Stonehenge, Britain’s Prehistoric Monument

President Obama Visits Stonehenge, Britain’s Prehistoric Monument

President Barack Obama visited Stonehenge, Britain's prehistoric monument, after taking a break from a NATO summit on Friday.

Officials reported that presidential helicopter, Marine One stopped at Boscombe Down Airbase, Wiltshire and from their president Obama was taken to the ancient monument.

Sources revealed that the President was guided by a curator, Heather Sebire, at the historic site.

Ms. Sebire said the President was thrilled hearing the story of the Stonehenge and even said that the atmosphere around the stones is really special.

Archaeologists believe that Stonehenge was built in three phases between 3000 B.C. and 1600 B.C. They also believe that this prehistoric site could have been a temple but they have no evidence to say this temple was for which God or how it was used.

President Obama said it was a place which he always wanted to see and it is spectacular and is a special place.

Sources reported that the President even met Janice Raffle, who lives near Stonehenge, and came to see the president with her husband and three sons. President Obama spent a few minutes talking to the family.

Janice Raffle said she was very happy after meeting the president. President Obama was very pleased with the atmosphere and even commented about the cold breeze and the beautiful countryside.

Adding to it, she said that the President was very humble to her family as he specially came to them to have a small conversation.

English Heritage that managed the Britain prehistoric site said that it is was an honor to host the US President.

General Manager of Stonehenge, Kate Davies, said, "His office told us the president was very interested to see the iconic monument for himself. Every day people from all over the world make the trip to the ancient stones but this visit was a particularly special one".

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