Archerfish Shoot Water with Great Precision

Archerfish Shoot Water with Great Precision

Researchers have shared interesting findings about a fish that knows how to spit water and that too with complete accuracy. Archerfish is the one that shoots a stream of water. These jets of water are aimed at the prey.

Stefan Schuster of the University of Bayreuth in Germany was of the view that archerfish keeps its mouth slightly above the water’s surface and starts shooting jets at insects and small lizards during the hunt. Researchers were amazed to know that the fish can accurately spit even from a distance of over six feet.

There is no set pattern to spit water on the intended target. The fish keeps on making adjustments as per the target and ensures that every droplet is just right. To improve its accuracy in the task, the fish keeps a control on the variables in a cross-section of their mouth opening.

Researchers were of the view that even humans have the ability to target someone even from a distance. “This is really an impressive capability and requires - among many fascinating aspects - precise time control of movement. It is believed that this ability has forced our brains to become bigger, housing many more neurons”, stated Schuster.

An experiment was conducted in which the fish were given training to shoot water at black spheres from a distance. The targets were set at eight, 16 and 24 inches away from the animals. For every successful spit, the fish was given a treat of black flies.

Researchers even came to know that archerfish keep on adapting the shape of their mouths. This adaptation process helps them creating a unique active nozzle. In fact, researchers stated that this adaptation could inspire water jet cutters and other industrial equipment. The research has been published in this month’s Current Biology.

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