Lawmakers delay the special incentives bill for Tesla’s Gigafactory

California Lawmakers delay the special incentives bill for Tesla’s Gigafactory

California lawmakers adjourned their 2013-2014 session last Saturday without taking any action on the proposed legislation to provide Tesla Motors with certain incentives to attract the electric car manufacturer to setup its $5 billion battery factory in the Golden State.

An action by the lawmakers on the legislation would have brought the proposed incentives for the electric car manufacturer up for a vote. The adjournment of the session without an action on the legislation prompted many to speculate that California might have already lost its chance for Tesla's gigafactory.

Some experts are of the view that the delay indicated that Tesla's aggressive timetable for the gigafactory is thrown off, in case it decides to wait more to build the battery factory in its home state. However, some other experts say that the delay could be because California might have once again found itself off the electric car manufacturer's list of semi-finalists.

It is worth mentioning here that California was not included in Tesla's original list of four Southwestern states that were chosen for the planned gigafactory. It was only after California lawmakers appealed to Tesla CEO Elon Musk for a chance to make their case that the state was entered the race for battery factory.

Apart from California, four other states, Nevada, New Mexico, Arizona and Texas, are competing for the gigafactory. But, the lone state to become finalist officially is Nevada, where land for Tesla battery factory is already vacant, outside Reno.

The gigafactory, which will produce battery packs for Tesla's future electric cars, is expected to provide a big boost to the economy of the state. The proposed factory will bring in $4-5 billion investment and will create nearly 6,500 new jobs.

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