Demodex Mite found on Human Face

Scientists in a recent study have revealed that there are many species of mites that exist on human face. For the study, researchers tested several participants aged over 18. The results showed that at least one species of Demodex mites live on the face of almost all human adults tested during the experiment.

According to the researchers, Demodex mites are tiny eight legged mites that can be related to spiders. They also said that these mites look like an ice cream cone that have stubby legs and are not visible to naked eye.

The study found that there are two species of mites that mainly found on human face, including Demodex foliculorum and Demodex brevis. These mites live on our hair follicles and survive on the oil released from the facial skin.

Michelle Trautwein, adjunct assistant professor of entomology at NC State and Schlinger Chair of Dipterology at the California Academy of Sciences, said that Demodex have been living in the human face for long-time. They believe that mites are with us from the time when early humans moved from Africa and spread throughout the globe.

Adding to it, he said researchers are very anxious to find whether DNA of Demodex could help them know about the evolution of human species.

Megan Thoemmes, a graduate student at North Carolina State University, said that having these mites all the time on face is just like having a friend all the time with you.

Megan said, "They're actually pretty cute. With their eight little legs, they look like they're almost swimming through the oil".

As per sources, researchers do not know how these mites spread across humans. But, they gave a hypothesis saying that these mites transferred from mother to child while breast-feeding. Low number of Demodex mites is found in young people, whereas they are common in cadavers.

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