Mother Abuses Trust of her Daughter by Secretly Feeding Tapeworm Pill

Mother Abuses Trust of her Daughter by Secretly Feeding Tapeworm Pill

In a TV programme, Discovery Fit & Health, the ER Nurse Maricar Cabral-Osorio shared an incident in which a mother secretly fed a tapeworm pill to her daughter, so she could lose weight.

Cabral-Osorio shared that the young girl came to them having a severe stomach pain. Initially, Cabral-Osorio thought that the girl might be pregnant and to confirm it, she carried out ultrasound on her.

The girl was not pregnant, but Cabral-Osorio noticed swelling in the girl's intestines. While Cabral-Osorio and her colleagues were discussing what could have led intestines to swell so much, the girl excused herself to visit washroom.

After a few minutes, the girl shouted loudly as she found tapeworms in her fecal waste. Cabral-Osorio said, "It was so gross and she had pooped all these tapeworms. There were a couple that were very long and wiggling around trying to get out of the toilet".

It was quite shocking to see that the mother was quite calm over the situation. Later, the girl's mother confessed that she has purchased a tapeworm pill in Mexico and has secretly given to her daughter to lose weight.

The mother apologized and said that she has done it to make her daughter thinner for an upcoming beauty pageant. It is not known whether or not the mother was charged with abuse. Tapeworms are said to live in the intestines of certain animals. It can even affect animals.

Nausea, diarrhea, abdominal pain, weight loss and fatigue are the symptoms of tapeworm infection. It is very rare that a tapeworm infection leads to serious complications, but if it happens then it can lead to intestine blockage.

If tapeworm eggs from pork are consumed then they can travel to other parts of the body. It can cause damage to the liver, heart, brain and eyes.

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