Federal Prosecutors question General Motors over a Strategic Meeting: Report

Federal Prosecutors question General Motors over a Strategic Meeting: Report

Federal prosecutors are examining whether employees within and outside the legal department of General Motors Co. have concealed the evidence from the regulators about the defective ignition switch. The investigators believe that deliberate hiding of this evidence delayed the recall of vehicles that faced the fatal problem.

As per report, the Justice Department is planning to investigate more people from the legal unit of General Motors. U. S. federal prosecutors have found that lawyer's of GM were involved in a meeting that was planned to deal with the ignition switch problem. Prosecutors of the U. S. Department of Justice have asked the company to disclose their intention behind the meeting. The authorities even asked for the information that was shared during the meeting.

General Motors (GM) in June released a report of an internal review. The report acknowledged that for 11 years the company has neglected an ignition-switch problem due to which 13 people were killed and 54 accidents took place. The report showed that top executives of the company were completely unaware of the problem.

As per sources, GM used low-level employees as scapegoats and only 15 people amongst the lower-level were fired. These lower-level employees included engineers and lawyers who were fired for their association in a safety catastrophe that led to recall of millions of vehicles.

U. S. senators in July insisted to know the reasons why top lawyer of the company Michael Millikin was not fired after it was unveiled this year that legal department of the company was aware of the fatal ignition defect. Mr. Millikin is associated with GM since 1977.

As per report, various members of the staff were warned repeatedly in the beginning of 2010 about the safety problem related to the ignition defect.

Millikin during a hearing in July said that there were some lawyers at General Motors who did not perform their duty well. Therefore, those lawyers are no longer working with the company.

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