Fewer American Teenagers Using Sunscreen

Fewer American Teenagers Using Sunscreen

A decline of almost 12% in the last 10 years has been noticed in the number of teenagers in the US using sunscreen. A report from the CDC unveiled that in 2001, 67.7% teenagers reported of using sunscreen, but the percentage reduced to 56.1% in 2011.

Experts have warned a number of times that people should use sunscreen to prevent skin cancer risk. But it seems that the warning has not been taken seriously. Skin cancer is a preventable disease, but then also a significant rise has been seen in skin cancer rate.

Earlier this year, the surgeon general also raised concern about the same. He stated that skin cancer rates have increased almost 200% in the past three decades. The report yet again reminds people to use sunscreen to protect their skin from harmful rays of the sun.

Whether it is indoor or outdoor, both the methods of tanning are harmful. The report noted that the number of teens using indoor tanning sessions has not dropped as the sunscreen usage has.

The federal government has warned many times that indoor tanning increases risk of cancer, but then also more than 29% of white girls had them in 2011.

Corey Basch of William Paterson University in New Jersey and colleagues reported in journal Preventing Chronic Disease, "Skin-protection behaviors are especially important for children and adolescents because sun exposure during childhood and adolescence directly influences the development of skin cancer later in life".

Experts have suggested that people should apply sunscreen 15 to 30 minutes before they go out in the sun. They should reapply it after every two hours and especially if they are going for swimming. Some other measures to protect skin include covering skin whenever you step out in the sun. Avoid going out during peak hours like 12 noon to 3 pm.

Best sunscreens should have zinc as it provides protection against UVA and UVB rays as both the rays are harmful for the skin.

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