Abortion Clinic Stops Performing Surgical Abortions

Abortion Clinic Stops Performing Surgical Abortions

An abortion clinic that was fighting the state Ohio over a license revocation has decided to stop performing abortions. According to an announcement by clinic officials, the clinic stopped performing surgical operations two days before it was ordered to stop. They also stated that John Kasich, Governor of Ohio, is ultimately responsible and is trying to end all abortions in the state.

Dorothea Langsam, Lebanon Road Surgery Center of Sharonville's attorney, said that after this case, only one surgical abortion clinic has been left in Cincinnati area. She also said that the closure will force hundreds of additional women to visit Cincinnati's only other clinic. According to her, the development has made things difficult for those who care about a woman and her health.

Co-owner of the clinic, Valerie Haskell, blamed Republican governor for the difficulty of clinic. She said that it is Kasich's agenda to close all abortion clinics one by one in Ohio and make things difficult for the people.

Haskell said, "This is what happens when a politician becomes blinded by his personal beliefs. He governs for the minority and disregards the majority".

Haskell also said that state governor had approved a new set of rules last year where publically funded hospitals were prohibited to have patient transfer agreements with facilities that offer surgical abortions.

Gov. Kasich's spokesperson declined to say anything on the topic because it is still considered pending in the court. Kasich's spokesman has questioned why the surgical clinic would take legal action against the state Department of Health if its owners thought the Governor was ultimately responsible for the act.

After stopping surgical operations, the clinic will continue to offer some health services at its Sharonville clinic. Company's Dayton clinic will still perform abortions.

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