Baidu will invest in Uber

According to recent reports, Chinese web services company Baidu will invest in Uber Technologies, a popular taxi-hailing app maker with presence in many cities across the world.

If Baidu goes ahead with its investment plan in Uber, it will mark China's entry in the flourishing market for... read more

Uber brings aboard outside privacy experts for “in-depth review” of its privacy policies

In an announcement made on Thursday, Silicon Valley-based ride-sharing firm Uber has revealed that it is working with privacy experts from a Washington, D. C., law firm, to carry out "in-depth review" of its privacy practices.

The law firm with which Uber is working for review and... read more

Uber publicly discloses its privacy policy

Close on the heels of a female journalist's recent allegations that popular ride-sharing service Uber had tracked her travel records without permission, Uber publicly posted its privacy policy this week.

The journalist had accused Uber of tracking her whereabouts when she took an Uber car... read more

Uber defies court order that blocked its service in Nevada until at least November 7

On Friday, October 24, Uber launched its popular ride-sharing service in Nevada; and, the same evening, the company was blocked from running its business in the state until at least November 7.

The move to bar Uber ride-sharing service in Nevada came after a Friday ruling by District... read more

Uber Receives ‘F’ Rating from Better Business Bureau

Uber, a smartphone-based ride sharing service based in San Francisco, has received an 'F' rating by the Better Business Bureau. Better Business Bureau is a nonprofit organization that tries to resolve consumer disputes and also set standards for advertising and other business practices.

... read more

Uber, Lyft & Sidecar engaged in unlawful practices: California DAs allege

Ride-sharing services Uber, Lyft and Sidecar are all engaged in a couple of unlawful practices, district attorneys (DAs) of San Francisco and Los Angeles alleged.

The DAs said a joint investigation revealed that the ride-sharing companies' websites misled consumers by claiming that their... read more

San Francisco-based ride-sharing service Uber has been claiming that it offers drivers the opportunity to earn up to $90,000 per annum driving for the popular service. However, these claims are increasingly being rebuffed by drivers, labor leaders, and attorneys representing drivers.

... read more

Uber and Lyft accuse each other of dirty tricks

Uber and Lyft - two rival taxi apps in the embryonic market for on-demand transportation - are apparently involved in a bitter scuffle; with each of the two claiming that the other is trying to sabotage its business.

On Monday, Lyft accused Uber of slowing its service and causing lost... read more

Ridesharing companies must have permits to operate at airports: Eva Cheong

It is important that ridesharing companies like Lyft, SideCar, Summons and UberX have permits to operate at airports, San Francisco International Airport's associate deputy director Eva Cheong said during Tuesday's hearing.

The ridesharing companies allow passengers to arrange paid rides... read more

Senate committee approves ridesharing legislation

A committee of the California Senate on Tuesday approved bills that would make it more complicated as well as expensive for ridesharing companies to operate in the Golden State.

Companies like Lyft and UberX, which allow passengers to summon paid rides using apps on their mobile devices... read more

Feud between CPUC &car app firms over airport rides all set to escalate

The feud between the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) and car app companies is all set to escalate as the Commission has asked car app companies like Uber, Lyft and Sidecar to stop taking passengers to and from any airport in the state.

The Commission gave just two weeks to... read more


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