Uber unlikely to start picking up passengers at LAX in near future

Los Angeles City Council on Wednesday voted overwhelmingly to slow down the process that would allow ride-hailing services like Uber and Lyft to pick up passengers at the Los Angeles International Airport (LAX).

In July, city officials cleared the way for services like Uber to pick up... read more

L.A. airport authorities decide to allow ride-sharing pickups

Los Angeles International Airport, which is also called LAX, is all set to become the largest airport in the United States to allow ride-sharing services like Uber to pick up passengers.

The Board of Airport Commissioners on Thursday voted 5-0 to adopt the change. The change was proposed... read more

Uber could have to pay additional $209M to reclassify California drivers

Uber continues to insist that several of its drivers prefer to be considered as contract workers as the ride-sharing company is well aware of the fact that reclassifying its drivers as employees will drastically inflate its costs.

In California, a very small group of Uber drivers have... read more

California Labor Commission wants Uber to classify Barbara Ann Berwick as employee

California Labor Commission ruled that Uber needs to treat its drivers as employees instead of independent contractors. That would mean Uber would have to provide unemployment insurance and pay for workers' compensation for its drivers.

The labor commission wants Uber to classify Barbara... read more

Uber Driver is not an Independent Contractor, but an Employee, says Labor Ruling

A Deputy labor commissioner gave a ruling in Uber's case saying that Uber driver is not an independent contractor, but an employee of the company.

A California labor commission gave the ruling this month for Uber, the 'ride-sharing' company that has become a bogeyman to some folks in the... read more

Uber eying $50 billion valuation in new funding round

Uber could soon be among one of the most valuable venture-backed startups in history following a fresh fundraising round that may increase its worth up to nearly $50 billion.

If Uber successfully concludes the fresh funding round, it would become one of the most valuable venture-backed... read more

Uber ready to pay $3 billion for Nokia’s Mapping Service HERE

Ridesharing service provider Uber is planning to snap up Nokia's Mapping Service HERE for $3 billion, according to a report published in the New York Times referring to information provided by three anonymous sources. Nokia's mapping service has many unique features and it is considered as a... read more

Uber office raided by police in China

According to the Chinese news agency Xinhua, the local office of Uber, an online ride-hailing service, has been raided by authorities in the southern Chinese city of Guangzhou as they suspected of ‘unlicensed operation’, seizing a number of mobile phones.

An official with the city's... read more

Business travelers are favoring Uber rides

According to a new report by expense-management system provider Certify, 47% of the ground transportation rides in March were through Uber.

The transportation rides tripled from the 14% of rides that Uber had just over a year ago in January 2014. Uber now tops taxi rides for business... read more

Uber to recruit one million female drivers globally by 2020

Taxi-hailing service Uber has planned to hire more female drivers, citing safety concerns. The San Francisco-based company announced Tuesday that Uber will create 1 million jobs for women within the next five years in a partnership with the United Nations. The alliance aims to recruit drivers... read more

No Ticketing of Uber, Lyft Drivers in Arizona

Arizona Governor Doug Ducey said Thursday that his move to stop state regulators from ticketing drivers for rideshare companies such as Uber and Lyft is legitimate as it is intended to meet his goal of nurturing cutting-edge businesses.

"Companies like Uber and Lyft are innovative,... read more

California DMV backtracks on commercial registration of Uber and Lyft vehicles

The Department of Motor Vehicles has backtracked from an earlier decision which required the drivers working with ridesharing services Uber and Lyft to have commercial plates for their vehicles. On January 5, California DMW issued a memo saying that Lyft and Uber drivers were offering commercial... read more


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