Twitter’s new initiative to combat abusive messages and threats to users

In a new initiative aimed at curbing online abuse, popular microblogging service Twitter has detailed a new strategy for dealing more effectively with abusive trolling. The new initiative by Twitter comes at a time when the service us at a potential risk of becoming a platform for the worst kind... read more

Twitter announces official launch of ‘Retweet With Comment’ feature

Popular microblogging service Twitter has announced the official launch of its 'Retweet With Comment' feature. The launch of the 'Retweet With Comment' feature comes after a testing of the feature by Twitter since summer 2014.

Announcing that the 'Retweet With Comment' feature has now... read more

Twitter-owned Vine video app now supports HD videos

Twitter-owned Vine six-second video service has revealed in a recently released blog post that the Vine app – which is immensely popular among iOS and Android users - now supports high-definition (HD) videos.

Vine API lead Mike Kaplinskiy said in the blog post that technical upgrades... read more

Twitter posts could indicate heart health: Study

As per a new research published in Psychological Science, Twitter, like other social media platforms, including Facebook, Google Plus and Yelp, can help know rates of heart disease.

The researchers said that by monitoring expressions like negative emotions, including anger, stress and... read more

Twitter set to embark on worldwide developer tour

In an evident effort to encourage worldwide developers to create apps using Twitter data, microblogging service Twitter has recently unveiled its first-ever worldwide developer tour – Flock.

The worldwide developer tour is being launched by Twitter mainly to show developers how they can... read more

Twitter to expand availability of anti-troll tools in coming weeks

Popular microblogging service Twitter said in an announcement made on Tuesday that it has efforts underway to expand the availability of its anti-troll tools to users. The anti-troll tools underscore one of the several changes which Twitter is bringing to its service to fight online harassment... read more

Twitter rolls out new ‘App Graph’ feature

Twitter has recently revealed in a statement on its website that it has rolled out a new feature - called 'App Graph' - which will enable the popular microblogging service to see the other apps which have been installed by users on their mobile devices.

The new App Graph feature will... read more

Twitter starts collecting data on apps downloaded by users

According to a Recode report, popular microblogging service Twitter has plans underway to fuel its targeted advertising efforts by collecting data on the apps which are being downloaded by users.

Beginning Wednesday, Twitter has started collecting data on which other apps have been... read more

Twitter allows users to share public Tweets privately over Direct Messages with native embedding

Close on the heels of Twitter's last-week announcement that it will bring a number of improvements to its popular microblogging service - including enhancements to Direct Messages and video capabilities - in 2015, the company commenced the roll out of the promised new features on Thursday.

read more
Twitter enables users to search through its entire index of public tweets

In a Tuesday blog post, popular microblogging service Twitter said that, as a result of its Tweet Index project, all the public tweets - approximately half a trillion - which have been posted on the platform since its 2006 launch have been indexed and made searchable for the users.

... read more

Twitter acquires to Twitpic; will keep hosting images

Microblogging network Twitter has announced acquisition of Twitpic, few hours before the image sharing website was about to close its operations. Twitpic announced that Twitter will allow users to watch and download old images. The website will be accessible in 'read-only' mode and users will... read more

Project ‘Truthy’ to Evaluate Social Pollution and Memes on Social Media

It has been reported that researchers at the Indiana University in the US are working on a project to gather and analyze data on 'social pollution' that is spreading on social media like Twitter.

The project titled 'Truthy' is funded by the US National Science Foundation. The project is... read more


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