SpaceX’s upcoming Falcon launch may be a great game changer for the company

The planned launch of private-sector space firm SpaceX's Falcon Heavy on January 6 will likely change the way scientists send flights to the International Space Station (ISS) and space beyond the orbiting lab.

SpaceX will send a remotely piloted space capsule to the ISS with food,... read more

NASA Asks Boeing and SpaceX to Restart Developing Space Taxis

It has been reported that NASA has asked Boeing and SpaceX to restart their work to develop space taxis which will be used to carry astronauts to ISS and back to earth. The agency has teamed up with the two private companies in order to resume the project using CST-100 and Crew Dragon spacecraft... read more

Legal Challenge Halts NASA’s Taxi Program

The taxi program of NASA has been put on halt, after the process was legally challenged by failed bidder Sierra Nevada. Initially, there were three companies that were bidding for the space taxi program: Sierra Nevada, SpaceX and Boeing. These companies were competing for a contract to built... read more

Space X to Build Commercial Space Launch Site in Texas

Space X has decided to build one-of-its-kind commercial space launch site in Texas. Earlier this week, Texas's Gov. Rick Perry shared that the Californian based company will establish the new complex in Boca Chica, a remote beach around 20 miles east of Brownsville.

"Texas has been on the... read more

SpaceX Chief believes Artificial Intelligence is more Dangerous than Nuclear Weapons

SpaceX chief Elon Musk believes that artificial intelligence poses bigger threat to humanity than nuclear weapons. Musk is holding stakes in artificial intelligence company Vicarious, which is making efforts to create robots with stunning human level capabilities like language skills in multiple... read more

SpaceX Successfully Lands the Crucial Falcon 9

SpaceX released a video of another successful soft landing of the Falcon 9 rocket today, which landed in the Atlantic Ocean.

The test confirmed that the Falcon 9 booster is able to re-enter from space consistently at hypersonic velocity, restart main engines twice, deploy landing legs as... read more

FAA approves SpaceX for Texas spaceport

The first privately-owned base in the world for vertical launches of spacecraft has got an official approval from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). This approval was won by Space Exploration Technologies Corp (SpaceX) and the new spaceport will be built in Texas.

The FAA reported... read more

Bad Weather Conditions caused Delay in Launch of Falcon 9 Rocket

Bad weather conditions in Florida again caused delay in launch of a Falcon 9 rocket carrying six communications satellites for Orbcomm Inc.(ORBC. O) on Friday. The Space Exploration Technologies, SpaceX, has recently revealed that the technical glitches in the rocket caused the rescheduling the... read more


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