Massive Helium Balloon Braking System Needs a Reshape for Better Performance: NASA

A sampled helium balloon braking system was tested in June. This system is used to land the heavy payloads on Mars. NASA engineers said that this massive parachute will be reshaped so that it could manage the turbulent airflow during its rapid landing.

NASA's Low-Density Supersonic... read more

NASA Astronauts Suffer Sleep Deprivation in Space

A study has revealed that astronauts get less than six-hour sleep in space and most of them take sleeping pills. The study found that the astronauts with the National Aeronautics and Space Administration not only suffer from considerable sleep deficiency, but regularly take sleeping medication.... read more

NASA and U.S. Navy Perform Successful Recovery of Orion Capsule

Successful practice recovery of the Orion capsule has been done, claim NASA and the U.S. Navy. It is a manned spacecraft that will be used for future missions to asteroids, the Moon and Mars. It has the capacity to carry two to 12 astronauts at a time.

This recovery exercise was performed... read more

Fighter jet captures dramatic pictures of ‘fire clouds’ over California wildfires

A fighter jet has captured dramatic pictures of the so-called "fire clouds" that are forming above gigantic wildfires raging along the California-Oregon border.

An Oregon Air National Guard F-15C's camera captured the pictures of developing fire clouds, also called pyrocumulus clouds, as... read more

Doubts over NASA’s Space Engine that Does not Need Propellant

NASA has claimed that it has recently tested an engine capable of generating thrust without using any propellant but electricity. This technology would bring a revolution in space technology as cost for launching space missions will be reduced significantly and the usage of the area in the... read more

50-year Mystery of X-ray Cracked-- Local Hot Gas Bubble is Its Origin

According to scientists, the analysis of soft X-ray glow that covers the sky has revealed new mysteries of the universe. The debate for the past 50 years on whether this radiation comes from far away space or within our solar system remained a hot topic among the astronomers. However, research... read more

101 Geysers Discovered on Saturn's Moon

After the recent discovery of the icy moon of Saturn, NASA has now announced that it has found out approximately 101 geysers on the surface. The analysis of these geyser points towards the possible presence of water. The Cassini spacecraft of NASA, which was over Enceladus, Saturn's moon,... read more

NASA’s Opportunity Rover Creates Off-Earth Roving Distance Record of 25 miles

NASA's Opportunity Mars rover has travelled a distance of 25 miles on the red planet. NASA announced that the rover that landed on Mars in 2004 now holds the off-Earth roving distance record.

Mars Exploration Rover Project Manager John Callas, of NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) in... read more

Perseids Set to Hit Earth’s Skies in August

This weekend, NASA cameras detected Perseid fireballs. Gradually, earth is entering into a phase where there will be a huge amount of debris left by Comet Swift-Tuttle.

Sky gazers will be able to witness the meteors at its peak on the morning of August 11, 12 and 13 this year. Over the... read more

NASA Short of Money to develop Next Generation Rocket by 2017

In order to make next generation rocket program a reality, NASA is looking forward to get additional funds. NASA said in a news release today that the funding is intended for development of a rocket to send a man to Mars for the first time. The space agency is nearly $500 million short of the $... read more

NASA Short of Money for Big Rockets

The Federal auditors have informed that space agency NASA does not have sufficient money to begin its new rocket system of $13 billion by the end of 2017, as earlier planned.

According to the report announced by the Government Accountability Office, NASA's Space Launch System is at the... read more

NASA Invites Parties Willing to Set up Communication Relay System Orbiting Mars

NASA has issued a Request for Information in which it has asked for parties that are interested in setting up a communications relay system orbiting Mars. Proposals are due by August 25.

The hardware that NASA has landed on Mars cannot carry high-bandwidth communication devices owing to... read more


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