FDA’s Approves a Drug to Reverse Effects of Deep Paralysis Caused Due To Muscle Relaxants

On Tuesday, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) gave its approval to Merck & Co Inc.'s drug Bridion, used to reverse the effects of muscle relaxants used during surgery by doctors.

The drug genetically known as sugammadex can generate annual sales of $557 million by 2020, according... read more

A new study released on Friday establishes a link between a Merck immunotherapy drug named Keytruda and reduction in head and neck cancer which is the sixth most common cancer worldwide.

Keytruda, which is a drug that helps the immune system to fight cancer, was found to be twice as... read more

Evofosfamide earns Fast Track Status in Treatment of Pancreatic Cancer

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration panel has granted fast track status to the cancer drug evofosfamide, being developed by Germany's Merck KGaA in collaboration with Threshold Pharmaceuticals.

Barry Selick, Chief Executive Officer of Threshold, stated, “We are pleased that... read more

Merck & Co’s Plan to Shorten Hepatitis C Treatment to 4 Weeks Fails to Deliver Desired Results

Merck & Co wanted to reduce hepatitis C treatment to just four weeks. It made an attempt to do the same by adding Gilead Sciences' drug, Sovaldi, to its oral two-drug combination. But the result was nowhere near the desired efficacy, as a high rate of relapses was reported.

Merck is... read more

US FDA Could soon approve Merck Cancer Immunotherapy Drug Pembrolizumab

The U. S. FDA could soon approve melanoma drug pembrolizumab earlier than expected late October deadline. The drug would be first of its kind treatment using body’s immune system against melanoma. Merck & Co has submitted encouraging late-study results with its drug approval filing for the... read more

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