IBM and Apple have released 100+ IBM MobileFirst for iOS apps

In an announcement made on Wednesday, IBM said that it has delivered 100+ IBM MobileFirst for iOS apps through its partnership with Apple.

IBM and Apple had signed an enterprise apps partnership in 2014, with the objective of rolling out new MobileFirst apps for corporate users. The... read more

IBM acquires cloud-services firm Blue Box

In an announcement made on Wednesday, bigwig IT company IBM said that it has acquired Seattle-based cloud services firm Blue Box Group Inc.

Blue Box, which was founded by Jesse Proudman in 2003, provides an OpenStack cloud Platform-as-a-Service. The acquisition of the company will... read more

IBM's Watson to transform cancer patient care in 14 US and Canadian cancer institutes

On Tuesday, International Business Machines (IBM) announced that Fourteen US and Canadian cancer institutes will use company's Watson computer systems to choose therapies based on a tumor's genetic fingerprints.

Watson has been recognized broadly for beating two champions of the game show... read more

Scientists progress towards practical quantum computing

A team of scientists has dealt with errors expected to affect quantum computing up to some extent. This will help in the journey of the realization of a practical quantum computer. It is expected that quantum computers will lead to new capabilities, which could not be achieved using today’s... read more

IBM officially launches beta version of Watson Analytics tool

On Tuesday, September 16, International Business Machines Corp announced the official launch of a beta of Watson Analytics tool. Applicants for the beta testing will be selected by the company in the coming weeks.

The enterprise-specific Watson Analytics interactive service - which will... read more

IBM Super Computer will help the Medical Industry

IBM and the world famous Mayo Clinic declared that IBM super computer will be helping the medical industry.

Watson, the IBM cognitive computer, will be used to match patients more quickly with appropriate clinical trials, starting with research studies in cancer. Presently, it would take... read more

After Facing Loss in Hardware Segment, IBM Turns to Analytical Tools

International Business Machines on Wednesday launched a computer system called 'Watson Discovery Advisor'. This computer system has the ability which can easily identify patterns in large amount of data. IBM said this technology can prove helpful to speed up the scientific and medical research... read more

Newly Invented Computer Chip Works like Brain

According to Washington Times report, the pentagon researchers have created a human brain like chip, which will power unmanned aircraft or robotic ground systems.

This quantum leap technology used in the chip is built with 5 billion transistors and more than 250 million "synapses" that... read more

Researchers Hope to Simulate Functioning of Brain

Researchers at IBM who are developing chips that can copy mortal brains said that they have created a 4,096-core processor that can simulate a million neurons.

The SyNAPSE silicon, fabricated by Samsung after making use of a 28nm process, has transistor gates of 5.4 billion CMOS. It... read more

Apple and IBM Partner Up for Better Mobility

Apple and IBM have announced a mutual deal that will provide the large enterprises in the technology sector, a better sharing of mobile technologies.The plan is to release 100 enterprise tools including apps and also to build up cloud services for iOS including security features and device... read more

IBM plans to spend $3 billion on overhaul of computer chip technology

In a recent announcement, IBM has revealed that it has plans underway to revamp computer chip technology with a $3 billion investment, so as to make the technology increasingly capable of meeting modern demands of 'Big Data' and computing pushed to the Internet 'cloud.'

As a part of the... read more

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