WSJ: Amazon planning to build new ad platform to compete with Google AdWords

The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) has revealed in a recent report that online retail bigwig Amazon is apparently planning to the expansion of its small online ad delivery business, in an evident attempt to challenge Google AdWords.

The WSJ report, published on Friday, said that the Google... read more

Google acquires photo analysis app Jetpac

In an August 16 story, the VentureBeat News has revealed that Internet search giant Google has acquired photo analysis app Jetpac City Guides --- an iOS app which scans the photos uploaded into social media sites, evaluates them, and gives a rating to the related cities in the photos on several... read more

IDC: Android’s worldwide smartphone market share increased to 85% in Q2 2014

According to the latest data released by IDC, the 2014 second-quarter witnessed Google's widely-used Android mobile operating system tighten its grip on smartphone market share across the world.

IDC has revealed in a recent report that nearly 85 percent of the smartphones shipped... read more

Scientists in US use Fisheye Lens to Provide Underwater View to People

Scientists of U.S. government are trying to use a specialized fisheye lens underwater in the corals of Florida. They hope that "street view" mapping can be applied to various plans of research and managements in marine sanctuaries throughout the nation.

Scientists expect that people will... read more

Google Acquires Messaging App Emu

Google has acquired controlling stake in mobile messaging app Emu for an undisclosed amount. Emu announced on its website that the company has been acquired by Google and it will shut down its services by August 25, as part of the deal.

Emu has the ability to monitor chats and it has some... read more

Google Quietly but Methodically Keeping an Eye over Email Activity for Illegal Images

Google flagged images of child abuse found in the Gmail account of a convicted sex offender to authorities and he has now been arrested.

During an automated search, Google found the illegal images of young girl stored in his Gmail account. Google reported the matter to the US non-profit... read more

Google sells its mystery barge docked in Maine, Portland

Internet search giant Google has confirmed in a last-week statement that it has sold one of the two mystery barges which it had docked in Portland, Maine and San Francisco, California. The barge sold by the company is the one in Portland.

The two mystery barges made headlines last year,... read more

Google, Facebook Begin Paying to Make Stops at San Francisco Bus Stations

Google, Facebook and other Silicon Valley companies have started paying to make stops at San Francisco bus stations. The decision might have come after protests were lodged whereby these companies were blamed for gentrification.

For past many years, private buses take tech workers from... read more

Google has clarified that the games with options for in-app purchases can't be termed as free games. There have been many instances when the games or applications have been installed by users considering them free but later, there are charges for additional options and online services or goods.... read more

Novartis partners with Google to develop and sell ‘smart’ contact lens

Swiss pharmaceutical giant Novartis said on Tuesday that it has joined forces with US technology major Google to develop and market a `smart' contact lens for people suffering from diabetes. The digital contact lens will replace reading glasses for people with vision problems and glucose... read more

Gmail Service suffers downtime; Some users report back online

Google’s free email service Gmail has been reported down for more than 30 minutes on July 16. Gmail users encountered downtime in Europe, Asia and in some regions in the United States. The Gmail service page is showing 502 error.

Google has not made any official announcement on the... read more

Google announces 'Project Zero' team of researchers to protect Internet

In a Tuesday announcement, Google has revealed that it has created a `Project Zero' team for protecting the Internet. `Project Zero' underscores Google's latest endeavor to ensure that hidden Internet vulnerabilities are effectively dealt with in a timely manner.

The `Project Zero'... read more


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