Latest Version of Google Glass Hits FCC Filing with High-Resolution Images

Latest version of Google’s Glass Explorer program recently published in FCC provides detailed description of the Google Glass with high resolution images of the device. The images show a Google Glass unit with the FCCID ‘A4R­-GG1’ that looks a lot like the existing Glass design. The interesting... read more

Google-owned company makes creepy robotic reindeer

A Google-owned company has made robotic reindeer, but they are probably not aware of how creepy their reindeer creations actually are for the normal folks out there. The outlook of reindeer robots is devious enough to freak out people on the Internet.

They don’t look like Rudolf and... read more

Ford, Google reportedly planning a joint venture to build self-driving cars

According to a Yahoo Autos report, bigwig automaker Ford and tech giant Google apparently have plans underway to launch a joint venture for building self-driving cars. The joint venture will essentially combine the strengths of the two companies, enabling them to bring self-driving cars on the... read more

Google releases 360-degree VR tour of White House on YouTube

A 360-degree virtual reality (VR) tour of the White House has been released by Google on its YouTube video-sharing website, to unfold a peek at the holiday displays. The tour gives a glimpse of the holiday decorations at ‘the People’s House’ – the residence of US President Barack Obama.

... read more

Google allows Project Fi subscribers to add tablets to their plan

Google has said in an announcement made via a blog post released on Tuesday that the subscribers of its Project Fi wireless service will now be able to add cellular-enabled tablets to their plan.

According to the announcement, Project Fi subscribers will not have to pay any additional... read more

Google app for iOS updated; gets integrated 3D Touch support

The Google app for iOS has recently received an upgrade which has enhanced the app with some new features and added functionality.

The most noteworthy new features which Google has introduced in its updated app for iOS include 3D Touch support; Slide Over and Split View support for iPad... read more

Google announces update to Chromecast Audio dongle

In a recent announcement tech giant Google has revealed that its $35 Chromecast Audio dongle is being updated to add support for high-resolution radio and synchronized multi-room audio.

Chromecast Audio is a new audio-only version of Google’s Chromecast content-streaming dongle. The new... read more

Google updates Drive to make file searches easier and faster

On Wednesday, tech biggie Google announced its latest update to Google Drive cloud storage service, to make it “super easy” and much faster for users of the service to find their files. The update will be rolled out to the Android and iOS platforms, and the Web, in the coming weeks.

... read more

Twitch launches its app for Android TV

On Thursday, Twitch live-streaming video service for gamers announced the launch of its app for Google’s Android TV device.

The announcement of the launch of the new Twitch app for Android TV implies that the site’s video game streaming experience will now be available for the big screen... read more

Google launches Chrome 47 for Windows, Mac, and Linux

On Tuesday, tech giant Google announced the rollout of its Chrome browser version 47 for Windows, Mac, and Linux. The upgraded Chrome version is now available for direct download from; and can also be accessed via the browser’s built-in silent updater.

Announcing the... read more

Google Maps to highlight Effects of Climate Change on Wildlife in Remote Locations

In an effort to reveal impact of climate change, mapping service Google Maps showed remote areas where the change in the statistical distribution of weather patterns has affected wildlife drastically. These views have been provided online by Google Maps.

Karin Tuxen-Bettman, outreach... read more

USPTO grants Google a new patent which hints at new enterprise-focused Glass design

Tech giant Google was granted a new patent by the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). The patent reportedly hints at the design of the next version of the Google Glass smartglasses focused on enterprise.

Though Google had discontinued its Glass futuristic eyewear some time back,... read more


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