Facebook’s ‘Aquila’ drone will help increase Internet access in remote areas

In an apparent effort to expand Internet access to remote areas under its Internet.org initiative, social network has designed and built a high-altitude solar-powered unmanned aircraft --- a massive drone codenamed ‘Aquila.’

The Guardian has revealed in a recent report that ‘Aquila’ is... read more

Facebook invites more mobile operators to join Internet.org project

In an apparent expansion of the ‘Internet.org’ project, social network Facebook said that it is inviting more mobile operators to participate in the project. The Internet.org initiative was launched by Facebook last year, in an effort to reach Internet connectively to the remote and poorly... read more

Instagram updates its website with comprehensive search feature

In a Monday announcement, Facebook’s photo-sharing social network Instagram said that its website is being updated to unfold an all-inclusive search feature.

The new search feature which Instagram is introducing on its updated site will give the service’s Web users the ability to click on... read more

Report: Facebook, Twitter have become predominant news sources

According to a new report released by the Pew Research Center and the Knight Foundation on Wednesday, leading social networks Facebook and Twitter are emerging as increasingly preferred sources for front-page news.

Going by the statistics shared in the new report, nearly 63 percent US... read more

Facebook’s Alex Stamos calls for the end of Adobe’s Flash software

In a Sunday post on the Twitter microblogging site, Facebook’s security chief Alex Stamos called for the end of Adobe Systems’ Flash animation software.

Asserting that Adobe’s Flash plug-in underscores a safety risk which is not worth taking, Stamos said in his tweet that it’s high time... read more

Facebook Empowers Users, Allows them to Choose What They Wish to See on their News Feed

There is good news in store for Facebook freaks! The online social networking giant Facebook, after its transformed News Feed algorithm, now, has empowered users by letting them choose the content they wish to see on their news feed.

This rehash of news feed preferences in another step... read more

Mark Zuckerberg announces new Facebook project to boost Internet speeds

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has recently announced, via his own Facebook page, that the social network is launching a new project which will potentially give a substantial boost to Internet speeds.

Announcing the new Facebook project, Zuckerberg said that the company plans to use lasers... read more

Facebook changes News Feed algorithm to show users more videos they find enjoyable

In an announcement made on Monday, social network Facebook said that it has brought a new change to its News Feed algorithm, so that more of those videos show up for users which they enjoy watching.

The new tweak which Facebook has made to its News Feed algorithm will essentially unfold... read more

Facebook in the Dock, Faces Privacy Lawsuit by Belgian DPA

In a move that is sure to unsettle Facebook, is the Belgian Data Protection Authority’s civil suit against its tracking of non-users via social plugins. The social networking giant landed in the dock after the watchdog accused it of a host of privacy violations.

The civil suit came after... read more

Facebook announces opening of new AI research centre in Paris

On Tuesday, US-based popular social network Facebook announced the opening of its new artificial intelligence (AI) research centre in Paris.

The new AI research center is the third-of-its-kind research lab to be set up by Facebook. The company already has two AI research labs operational... read more

Facebook Announces a Third Artificial Intelligence Center in Paris

The City of Lights will soon welcome an Artificial Intelligence (AI) Center as Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook's CEO announced on Tuesday, his company's plans to open an AI research centre in Paris in an attempt to enhance user communication on its social platform.

Facebook already has two AI... read more

Protestors gather outside Facebook headquarters to challenge company’s ‘real name’ policy

In an evident effort to oppose Facebook's real-names policy, nearly 100 protestors - including fully ornamented drag queen activists - gathered outside the social network's Menlo Park headquarters in California on Monday.

The protest - against Facebook's 'real name' policy - was part of... read more


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