AT&T acquires assets and some staff from Carrier IQ

According to a TechCrunch report, bigwig US wireless carrier AT&T has acquired the assets and some employees of phone-monitoring startup Carrier IQ. As a result of the move, Carrier IQ has effectively shut down.

The financial terms of the deal, under which AT&T has acquired the... read more

Cricket Wireless reduces cost of three Galaxy handsets in limited-period promotion

In a limited-period promotion marking Cyber Monday 2016, Cricket Wireless has slashed the cost of three Samsung Galaxy handsets -- Galaxy S4, Galaxy S5, and Galaxy S6 -- by 50 percent, for new as well as existing customers.

Announcing the promotion, Cricket Wireless – which operates on... read more

AT&T announces $5/month hike on unlimited data plans from Feb 2016

On Monday, bigwig US wireless carrier AT&T said that the cost of the company’s grandfathered unlimited data plans will be increased by $5 per month, with effect from February 2016.

The announcement implies that the cost of AT&T’s unlimited data plans will go up from $30 per month... read more

AT&T announces new wireless data plans

Bigwig US wireless carrier AT&T has announced a new single-number service called ‘NumberSync,’ which will enable its customers to use the same phone number for all their ‘connected’ devices.

According to AT&T’s announcement, the NumberSync service will give its subscribers the... read more

Apple starts selling SIM-free models of new iPhones in US

Tech giant Apple has announced that it has started selling SIM-free models of its new iPhones -- iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus -- in the US.

SIM-free iPhones are ‘unlocked’ iPhones which do not include the usual carrier-specific nano-SIM card. As such, the SIM-free iPhones are not locked... read more

AT&T Mobility accuses three former sales reps of scheming to unlock phones

In a complaint filed in a Seattle federal court earlier this month, Atlanta-based AT&T Mobility has accused three former cellphone sales representatives of scheming to unlock AT&T handsets so that they could work on any network.

According to the AT&T Mobility complaint, three... read more

Thousands of mobile customers across Southeast hit by service outages

As a result of a Tuesday outage, thousands of mobile customers of bigwig US wireless carriers, particularly AT&T, in the Southeast could not access cellphone service or the Internet for several hours.

The service disruption, which was first reported Tuesday afternoon, affected AT... read more

Tom Wheeler releases order to FCC Commissioners for approval of AT&T-DirecTV merger

In an order released to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Commissioners on Tuesday, the agency’s Chairman Tom Wheeler has recommended the approval of AT&T’s acquisition of DirecTV, though under the Net Neutrality conditions.

AT&T had proposed a $48 billion merger of... read more

Alabama woman files lawsuit against AT&T over 'data throttling'

In a lawsuit filed in the U.S. District Court this week, an Alabama woman has accused bigwig wireless carrier AT&T of 'data throttling.'

According to the complaint filed by Shannon Lilienthal, an iPhone customer in Huntsville, AT&T had sold her a "so-called Unlimited Data Plan."... read more

FCC Proposes Largest Fine Ever, $100 Million on AT&T for Misleading Customers

On Wednesday, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) proposed to slap a penalty of $100 million on AT&T Mobility for fooling customers who were guaranteed unlimited data plans but were not informed of the possibility of receiving speeds slower than the normal network speeds that AT&... read more

EDGE Economy to suffer because of delay in Net Neutrality Rules, says FCC

Stay for a portion of the Federal Communications Commission's historic decision to impose net neutrality rules has been demanded by AT&T, CenturyLink and a coalition of trade groups. They have recently urged a federal appellate court for the same.

Doing away with all the new... read more

AT&T Website, Mobile App to Offer Hulu’s Content

Coming only second to last year’s OnCue service, purchased by Verizon from Intel Corp in an attempt to expand into the genre of next-generation video services, is AT&T’s recent endeavor to popularize its Hulu subscription streaming service by making it available to customers, both on its... read more


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