California will likely see ‘embarrassingly’ low election turnout

While election officials are all set to conduct primary election in California on Tuesday, experts have predicted that turnout could be 'embarrassingly' low.

Joe Canciamilla, registrar of voters on the Contra Costa County, said that there was lack of interest among voters, which could... read more

California Shale oil boom apparently ended before it even started

California's oil boom has apparently ended before it even started as recent estimates suggested that the existing technologies are unable to extract previously estimated amount of shale oil.

As per the U. S. Energy Information Administration's (EIA's) estimates, more than 15 billion... read more

None of two Republican candidates suitable against Governor Brown

None of two Republican candidates, Neel Kashkari and Tim Donnelly, stands much of a chance to win against California's incumbent Governor Jerry Brown, who is running for a fourth consecutive term.

Prior to his ongoing third term, Mr. Brown served the state as governor twice in the 1970s... read more

California hails Obama plan to cut carbon emissions

Californian authorities on Monday hailed the Obama administration's proposal to cut greenhouse gas emissions from power plants, and added that they would continue with the green energy plans to meet the targets.

The Golden State is already claiming a head start in the push to cut... read more

Jerry Brown will easily surpass top two Republican challengers: survey

Jerry Brown, California's incumbent governor, will easily take a lead over his top two Republican challengers in Tuesday's gubernatorial primary, a fresh poll has suggested.

According to the poll released on Sunday, 50 per cent of likely voters will cast ballots for the Mr. Brown in the... read more

Medical pot farms causing harm to Californian streams

California's fish & wildlife officials are concerned that the state's coastal forests are being increasingly polluted and sucked dry by water-gulping medical marijuana pot farms.

The state's medical pot law allows people to grow marijuana, for personal medical purposes. But, officials... read more

California cash rush moves to Hermosa Beach

Many people in southern California spent this weekend in search of free money, buried by the mysterious benefactor behind the Twitter feed @HiddenCash.

On Saturday, the anonymous Twitter user announced on the micro-blogging site that he had buried 36 plastic models of red Angry Birds... read more

California and Seven other states to add 3.3 million zero-emission vehicles by 2025

Determined to cut carbon emissions, California on Thursday joined Oregon and six other states in announcing a set of joint steps planned to introduce more than 3 million environment-friendly vehicles by the year of 2025.

The eight states announced that they would add at least 3.3 million... read more

California really better than Texas

Texas lawmakers often tout the state's economic success, which they attribute to fewer regulations and lower taxes than California. But, opponents of Texas' claims argue that California and not Texas is the blueprint for the US' future. Let's have a look at some of the facts that hint that... read more

California’s water system in dire need of more staff & new technology

California's water distribution system is in dire need of more staff and new technology such as smart meters to keep a strict vigil on any misuse of water, as the state is suffering draught for the third year in a row.

The faulty water supply system of the state currently allowing nearly... read more

Senate passes bill requiring warning labels for sugary drinks

Determined to persuade people to drink less soda, California lawmakers on Thursday passed a bill that would require sugary soft drinks to carry warnings about potential diseases that overconsumption of such drinks can create.

If successfully implemented, the measure would put California... read more

Irwindale City council votes to end hot sauce dispute

The council of small Southern California city of Irwindale has finally dropped a public nuisance declaration and lawsuit against Huy Fong Foods - the maker of popular Sriracha hot sauce.

The public nuisance declaration was issued after a number of residents complained that smells from... read more


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