Giant Sequoias under Stress Due To Climate Change

Giant sequoias are the largest living things by volume and are also among the oldest living things. Recently scientists studying these gigantic trees revealed that they have noted symptoms of stress caused by California’s historic drought.

Researchers studying the iconic trees said that... read more

Researchers create Ultra-Thin ‘Invisibility Cloak’

A team of researchers at the University of California, Berkeley, has successfully created an ultra-thin ‘invisibility cloak’ which they claimed is flexible enough to be wrapped around an object of any shape.

According to a study published in Science, the ultra-thin invisibility cloak is... read more

California’s Valley fire destroys up to 1,000 homes & commercial structures

The so-called Valley fire in California burnt up to 1,000 homes and commercial structures as of Sunday afternoon, forcing thousands of people to evacuate homes and move to safer places.

Ripping down a hill toward Middletown, just two hours north of the city of San Francisco, the wildfire... read more

Honda receives permission from California DMV to run self-driving cars on public roads

The California Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) has given its approval to Honda Motor Co to run its self-driving vehicles on public roads in the state.

The permission which Honda has received from the California DMV means that the company can bring its autonomous cars out for testing... read more

One Marine killed, 18 injured in accident at Camp Pendleton in California

A vehicle rollover crash during routine training at Camp Pendleton Marine Base in California left one marine dead and 18 others injured on Thursday, a spokesperson for the 1st Marine Division confirmed in a just released statement.

First Lt. Colleen McFadden confirmed the deadly single-... read more

Google hopes to expand Internet Service in Southern California, Kentucky

Google Fiber is looking forward to expand its 1Gbps Internet and TV service to more parts of the US. It has been confirmed by the company that it is in the process of expanding its service in Irvine, California; Louisville, Kentucky and San Diego.

The company made announcement regarding... read more

California lawmakers approve right-to-die legislation

California lawmakers on Wednesday approved the highly controversial legislation that would allow terminally ill patients to legally put an end their lives.

After an emotional debate during which many lawmakers cited their religious faith in arguing for and against the measure, the... read more

Watch condor babies grow up via new cave live stream

It is difficult to see the California condor in its natural environments. Now, one can observe condor chicks growing up via new cave live streaming. The California condor is a rare breed. It is the largest bird in North America and its wingspan is nine-and-a-half feet.

As per reports, a... read more

California Senators unanimously approve equal-pay measure

California lawmakers on Monday unanimously approved equal-pay measure that would prohibit employers from paying differing wages to employees who do substantially similar work.

The bill passed the California Senate with a 40-0 vote. Last week, members of the state Assembly approved it with... read more

2 killed, 2 wounded in California parking lot shooting

A shooting incident in a parking lot near a U. S. Social Security Administration building in California left two people dead and two wounded in the morning hours of Thursday, officials confirmed.

Police said the 50-year-old suspect followed her wife to the parking lot of the Social... read more

California to Turn Into Semi-Drought State in 50 Years: Study

A new study has found that weather changes are going to turn California in a semi-permanent state of drought in next 50 years.

The researchers found that the July this year was the warmest seen in since January 1880. The situation was different in California then when Rutherford B. Hayes... read more

California sinking faster than previously thought: researchers warn

Some areas of California are sinking at an unprecedentedly faster rate and aquifers could permanently shrink earlier than previously thought, researchers warned after analyzing a new NASA satellite imagery.

A deep analysis of the new data collected by NASA satellites revealed that some... read more


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