California Supreme Court rejects environmental impact report for proposed Newhall Ranch development

On Monday, the California Supreme Court declined the environmental impact report for the planned Newhall Ranch development. The court has declared that it understated the impact of the greenhouse gas emissions from the project and didn’t protect a dying out species of fish properly.

The... read more

Researchers show insulin production could be restored by boosting immune system

The universities of Yale and California researchers have shown that insulin production could be restored by boosting the immune system. The target of Treg intervention is to prevent the progression and development of type-1 diabetes. It is aiming at freeing people from the everyday grind of... read more

Mars Once Had Much Warmer and Wetter Environment

A team of experts from California Institute of Technology (Caltech) and NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) said that they have found an answer to the lost carbon of the Red Planet.

The present Martian atmosphere is thin and delicate and mostly comprises of carbon dioxide. Scientists... read more

Textbooks in California Portray Science behind Climate Change Wrongly

Researchers at the Stanford University through a recently conducted study have found that some textbooks in California misrepresent the actual science behind climate change.

According to the paper published in the Environmental Education Research Journal, the textbooks analyzed during the... read more

Climate Change Depicted As Debate in Some California Science Textbooks: Study

According to a Stanford University study, textbooks in California public schools are misleading students about climate change. These textbooks portrayed climate changes as a point of debate rather than scientific fact.

The study researchers, during their analysis, found that this... read more

Chipotle Mexican Grill's E. coli Outbreak reaches California

Chipotle Mexican Grill's E. coli outbreak is getting bigger with every passing day. The United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) revealed that the outbreak has reached California.

As per a statement by the leading national public health institute of the US, two... read more

Audi: VW’s diesel emissions scandal will not diminish Audi sales in US

In conversation with reporters at the Los Angeles Auto Show on Wednesday, Audi of America President Scott Keogh said that the sales of the Audi brand in the US will not witness a decline due to the Volkswagen (VW) diesel emissions scandal.

The emissions scandal first broke September 18,... read more

Crab Pots lying Empty on Docks as California Delays its Commercial Crab Season

Usually at this point of the year, fishermen and boats are seen filled with crabs. This is a time when workers prepare to haul millions of pounds of Dungeness crabs that is a tradition at Thanksgiving and other holiday meals. But this year, fishermen are sitting idle and waiting for the... read more

FDA orders Pennsylvania company to recall its scope-cleaning machines used at UCLA and over 1,000 other hospitals and clinics

The US regulators have asked a Pennsylvania company to recall its scope-cleaning machines used at UCLA and over 1,000 other hospitals and clinics, amid the going on investigation into superbug outbreaks across the nation.

On Friday, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) said that it has... read more

California court puts Bill Cosby deposition by former supermodel on hold

The scheduled deposition of Bill Cosby in the defamation lawsuit brought by an ex supermodel has been put on hold by a California appeals court, her attorney said on Thursday. The former supermodel said that the comedian has called her a liar when she went with allegations of rape in public.... read more

Infant dies of Flu in Stanislaus County

Flu has killed a child in Stanislaus County of California, according to State health officials. The death of the less than one-year-old is the first infant flu death of the season. Earlier, the officials announced the first adult flu death in Santa Clara County.

Dr. Karen Smith,... read more

Wildlife Authorities Close Rock Crab Fishery in California

Just few days after warning of dangerous levels of neurotoxin linked with massive algae bloom off west coast, Wildlife authorities have closed the rock crab fishery for most of California. It has been reported that the state Fish and Game Commission voted 3-0 on the Dungeness delay and the rock... read more


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