Santa Barbara

California officials announce beach closure after oil washes ashore

Santa Barbara, California health officials have ordered closure of a local beach after oil and tar balls were noticed on the beach. The health officials also noticed strong petroleum odors in the region. County health officials said that Summerland Beach will remain closed to the public till the... read more

Santa Barbara County Police Searching for Contagious Tuberculosis Patient

Santa Barbara County Police is searching for the patient with contagious tuberculosis, who stopped the treatment and went missing few days back. As per health officials, 24-year old Agustin Zeferino was under treatment for drug resistant, contagious tuberculosis.

Zeferino stopped the... read more

California police arrest sole suspect of multiple homicide

California police on Tuesday arrested a 46-year-old man on suspicion of stabbing four people and a dog to death in their home. The police consider the murders to be multiple homicide case.

Kelly Hoover, a spokesperson for the Santa Barbara County sheriff's office, confirmed the arrest of... read more

Bonus of $2,500 per trip to be paid to California cargo ships to slow their speed for whales

To keep a check on the collision between vessels and whales, every ship passing through the Santa Barbara Channel off the coast of Southern California will be paid a bonus of $2,500 per trip to slow down its speed to 12 knots from more typical speeds of 14 to 18 knots.

This move started... read more

Cargo Ships will be Paid to Slow Down to Avoid Hitting Whales

Authorities concerned have come up with a new way by which shippers can avoid hitting whales. Under the unique incentive program, shippers will be paid to decrease speed when they pass through the Santa Barbara Channel.

In the channel, shipping lanes cross an important feeding area for... read more

Father of California killing spree victim meets with father of killer

Two grieving fathers, one of a victim and another of the killer, recently held a meeting to plan to work together to do something to prevent frequent killing sprees, like the recent one that left six people dead and many others injured in Santa Barbara, California.

Killer Elliot Rodger's... read more

Elliot Rodger’s parents say they are suffering ‘Hell on Earth’

The parents of Elliot Rodger, who recently killed six people and also shot himself to death, said they were suffering "hell on Earth" after knowing that their son was responsible for the tragedy.

Last week, Rodger fatally stabbed three men around his own apartment, leaving two of them... read more

Before murderous rampage, Rodger convinced officers that he was calm

Weeks before killing six people and injuring many others, Elliot Rodger was able to convince sheriff's deputies that he was calm and not going to hurt anyone, Santa Barbara County Sheriff Bill Brown revealed in a recent interview.

In a TV program titled "Face the Nation," Mr. Brown... read more

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