San Diego

Newly discovered cool-burning flames have potential to lead to better engines

A team of international researchers, led by Forman Williams, a professor of mechanical and aerospace engineering at the University of California, San Diego, conducted isolated droplet combustion experiments at the International Space Station (ISS). The experiments have resulted in the discovery... read more

First ‘Test-Tube’ Penguin comes to life at SeaWorld

For the first time at SeaWorld's Penguin Encounter in San Diego, a penguin was successfully reproduced through artificial insemination using frozen, then thawed semen. The penguin named Magellan 184, just 12 weeks old, is just one of hundreds hatched at SeaWorld over the years.

It's a... read more

Calif.’s cap & trade program may push fuel prices up

California's cap & trade program, which aims to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by imposing stricter regulations on fuel suppliers and other companies, will likely hit consumers also by paving way for an increase in fuel prices.

Starting January 2015, California fuel suppliers will... read more

Flash floods damage several homes and vehicles in California

Recent powerful flash floods in the mountains of Southern California destroyed numerous homes and swept away many cars in the tiny communities of Mount Baldy and Forest Falls.

A survey of the region in wake of Sunday's rain revealed that as many as 30 homes and a number of vehicles in... read more

Legal fight over concealed-weapon rights could reach Supreme Court

California's ongoing legal fight over the issue of rights to keep and bear concealed-weapon could eventually reach the Supreme Court, which has turned aside all Second Amendment challenges since 2008 and 2009's landmark rulings that confirmed the individuals' rights to keep arms.

In... read more

Drew Barrymore’s Half-Sister found Dead with Dozens of White Pills

Jessica Barrymore, half sister of Drew Barrymore, was found dead in her car in San Diego on Tuesday (July 29).

Many white pills were found to be scattered on Jessica's passenger seat car. Those living near the place where her body was discovered said her car had been parked there since... read more

A Single-Engine Plane Crashes In a Parking Lot of San Diego

On Wednesday, a single-engine plane crashed in a Costco parking lot in San Diego. Authorities have confirmed the death of an 80-year-old female passenger.

Further giving details on the crash a spokesman for the San Diego Fire-Rescue Department, Lee Swanson, stated that Mooney M-20L plane... read more

Dogs can feel Jealous: Study

Jealously is not an emotion that is exclusive to humans as dogs also feel jealous, finds a new study. Dogs feel jealous if their owner shows affection towards other pets or stuffed pets.

Lead researcher Christine Harris from the University of California said that to have emotion of... read more

Apple workers in California can sue as group over meal & rest breaks

Apple Inc.'s retail and corporate employees in California can now sue the tech giant as a group over claims that they are often devoid of their rights to take meal and rest breaks as required by the Golden State's law, thanks to a new ruling by a state Superior Court judge.

Superior Court... read more

Foreclosures continue to decline in California

Fewer homes slipped into foreclosure in California during the second quarter of this year, suggesting that the foreclosure crisis continues to ease in the state.

San Diego-based data firm DataQuick said in its latest report that the number of mortgage default filings slipped 31.9 per cent... read more

We Tend to Choose Friends who are Hereditarily Similar

Since the times of Plato, people prefer to build relationships with people of a similar look and attitude. But a new research has something different to tell and that is we tend to choose friends who are hereditarily similar.

James Fowler, a professor of political science and medical... read more

Biggest Aggregation of Anchovies Seen in Near-Shore Waters in Three Decades

Numbers of anchovies seen in near-shore waters are the highest in three decades, said scientists at the Scripps Institution of Oceanography at the University of California, San Diego. They said they could not predict this on time and the school was first noticed at Scripps Pier at La Jolla on... read more


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