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California schools accused of routinely ignoring P.E. law

School districts throughout California have been routinely ignoring the state's law that asks schools to provide students with required physical exercise, an attorney for parent plaintiffs alleged.

In October last year, Marc Babin, a parent, and his organization Cal200 that that... read more

Republicans criticize Obama for his ‘ill-timed’ fundraising trips

President Obama yesterday arrived in Los Angeles to attend another party fundraising event, Republicans and even some of his fellow Democrats have questioned the timing of his fundraising visits.

Rep. Kevin McCarthy, a Republican from Bakersfield, is one of the senior leaders who have... read more

Caree Harper, attorney for Marlene Pinnock who was seen on video being repeatedly punched by an officer of California Highway Patrol (CHP) earlier this month, filed a civil rights lawsuit on Thursday on behalf of her client.

In the civil rights lawsuit, Harper named the commissioner of... read more

Californians urge EPA to force refineries to cut emissions

Californians residing near three of the largest oil refineries of the state urged the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) on Wednesday to force refineries to cut emissions.

Residents of the Los Angeles' oil-rich Wilmington area were among the fifteen speakers who addressed the morning... read more

Inserting Gene into heart muscle could replace pacemaker

Medical Research team at Cedars-Sinai Heart Institute has tested gene transplant technique which can turn normal heart cells into special cells that can initiate heartbeat. The technique has been tested on pigs. The research team injected gene in the heart of pigs using a virus.

The... read more

L.A. County Sheriff’s Department probing peacock killings

The Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department and the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals are probing the killing of dozens of peacocks in Rolling Hills Estates, California.

Peacocks have been flourishing in and around Rolling Hills Estates near Los Angeles for more than one... read more

Nestle exporting bottled water from drought-hit California

As Californians are struggling to cope with persistent drought, Nestle is drawing undisclosed amounts of water from a drought-stricken area of the state and trucking away the precious natural resource in the form of bottled water.

Nestle-owned Arrowhead Mountain Spring Water has been... read more

John Perez’s vote recount all set to start

A vote recount requested by former Assembly Speaker John Perez, a Democrat for Los Angeles, is all set to start today, July 11, 2014.

Mr. Perez requested the vote recount after finishing third in the June 3 primary, in which he received just 481 fewer votes than Democratic Board of... read more

California activists facing jail terms for sabotaging mink farm in Illinois

Two Los Angeles-area activists are facing multi-year jail terms for sabotaging a Morris, Illinois-based mink farm and freeing nearly two thousand of the animals from captivity.

Tyler Lang, 25, and Kevin Johnson, 27, have been indicted on federal charges of conspiracy and interstate travel... read more

Woman beaten by CHP officer on freeway is a homeless mother of two

One of the two adult children of the woman who was repeatedly punched on her head by an officer of the California Highway Patrol (CHP) earlier this month has said that she could not believe a CHP officer beat her mother like that.

Last Tuesday, a highway patrolman was filmed punching and... read more

California nurse sent to jail for having sex with woman’s corpse

A Californian nurse who had sex with the corpse of a woman he cared for in a hospital has been sentenced to two years in state prison.

Alejandro Lopez Razo, 62, was found guilty of having sex with the corpse of an 82-year-old woman while he was assigned with the task of preparing the... read more

La Brea Tar Pits open a window to ancient times

A window to ancient times lies dormant beneath the urban parts of Los Angeles, in the tar pits of La Brea, as these pits are home to a plethora of ancient fossils.

Archeologists have already discovered a number of ancient fossils, including those of saber-toothed cats, dire wolves,... read more


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