Los Angeles

LAPD officers injured in gunfire

On Sunday, two Los Angeles police officers were injured in gunfire. And according to police, the police officers were the target of the shooters. According to Officer Cory Meisner, they were on duty in South LA, when firing began.

The officers suffered minor injuries and were treated at... read more

Police investigate Teenagers for Sexual Assaults in Los Angeles

According to police, more than a dozen teenagers are being investigated for a number of sexual assaults against two Los Angeles high school students. According to Los Angeles police Cmdr. Andrew Smith, investigators think that the assaults happened again and again since the end of 2013 at Venice... read more

Improved Air Quality in LA Helped In Improvement of Lung Development in Children

It is well known that environmental damage causes several health consequences. As more and more toxic chemicals are released into the environment, the air gets highly polluted and people are left with no other option but to breathe in polluted air and compromise their health.

But a recent... read more

VA to Build Veterans Housing at West L.A. Campus

On Wednesday, to curb the controversial practice of leasing VA facilities, the U. S. Department of Veterans Affairs has announced a legal settlement.

As per the settlement, the West Los Angeles campus will be transformed into a permanent housing center in order to provide shelter to the... read more

13 New Measles Cases linked With Outbreak at Disney Theme Park Found, say Officials

California health officials on Thursday confirmed that 13 new measles cases associated with the outbreak at Disney theme park last month. As of now, a total number of 39 measles cases have been confirmed by health officials.

The new cases of people being infected with the airborne illness... read more

25-year-old Black Man shot Three Times during Confrontation with Los Angeles Police

According to an autopsy report, Ezell Ford who was killed this summer in a confrontation with Los Angeles police was shot three times.

The 25-year-old black man was shot in his right side, right arm, and his back. Police Chief Charlie Beck said on Monday that the accounts of the two... read more

L.A. school district Halts iPad Contract

The LA times has reported that the L.A. School District's plan to equip all students with $500 million worth iPads and software has officially ended, as FBI seizes documents because of clouds of suspicion over the contract.

Superintendent Ramon C. Cortines, in charge for the matter stated... read more

More than 400 Medical Marijuana Dispensaries Closed in Los Angeles

Over 400 medical marijuana dispensaries have been closed in the city. The Los Angeles city attorney Mike Feuer has filed over 200 criminal cases against 743 defendants. It includes both dispensary operators and property owners, successfully closing 402 medical marijuana dispensaries in the 17... read more

Lawsuit against Los Angeles Police Officers for Kicking Man Unconscious

A man has filed a lawsuit in federal court Friday claiming that Los Angeles police officers beat and kicked him unconscious, violating civil rights. The lawsuit names the city Police Chief Charlie Beck and five officers.

According to the lawsuit, Clinton Alford Jr. was riding his bicycle... read more

Extreme heat, drought worsening smog in California

According to Los Angeles Times report, extreme heat and drought have worsened smog in California over the last year and increased health risks.

California's prolonged dry spells have brought more temperature inversions, concentrating pollution near the ground. The storms could clear away... read more

Pink Dragons from Southern California to compete at boat festival

The sun was starting to dip down coming as a group of ladies, outfitted with oars and their pink rigging, pushed a 800-pound winged serpent watercraft into the water and bounced in.

They paddled as one while a fellow team member sat at the front of the pontoon, getting out strokes and... read more

Bell Gardens Mayor Daniel Crespo fatally shot at home

A California city mayor was shot and killed at his own home on Tuesday in an incident that appears to be a domestic dispute, Los Angeles County sheriff's office said.

Bell Gardens Mayor Daniel Crespo, 45, was shot several times at his home in the 6300 block of East Gage Avenue shortly... read more


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